Friday Favorites: Charlotte Tilbury Makeup & Skincare

I decided to try Charlotte Tilbury products earlier this year after I was inspired by reviews and tutorials from some of my favorite bloggers (Emily Ann Gemma, and Maria Vizuete). I started with the Cheek to Chic Blush, and Full Fat Lashes and was instantly won over by the quality, pigmentation, and packaging (cuz that’sRead more

Transitioning Your Summer Tops Into Fall

I live in North Carolina, which is known for its’ crazy weather! It stays summertime warm well into October. My sisters and I used to joke that it never gets cold until the night of Halloween, and we would be so upset about having to wear a coat over our costumes! Suffice it to say,Read more

The Best Red Lipsticks for Fall

Aaahhh Fall. The return of cozy knits, hot chocolate, and deep sultry makeup shades! I rarely wear makeup during the summer, so I eagerly anticipate the cooler temps of Fall and Winter that are perfect for stay-put-all-day makeup looks! Now that it’s time to put reds back into my rotation, I have been cataloging allRead more

Receiving the Liebster Award for Blogs!Β 

Hello Socialites! Have I got some exciting news! I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award, by the wonderfully talented Maria, the writer of Sunlight of the Mind, a food and lifestyle blog! (Go check out her blog! ✨ It’s amazing!)  I have been blown away by the support I’ve received from the blogging community,Read more

Finding Your Monday Motivation

I am soooo not a morning person. For me, waking up is a daily struggle that entails hitting the snooze button in rapid succession (why does 5 minutes fly by so quickly when snoozing, but a minute lasts a dang hour on my treadmill?); waking up and lying in bed thinking about how much IRead more

Friday Faves: Fall Scents

I recently took a little trip to Bath & Body Works to check out some Fall fragrances. I am a huge fan of scented lotion and body sprays, as they provide a change from my go-to perfumes (Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb, and Far Away by Avon-don’t laugh…I’m an old soul! 😬) Bath & Body WorksRead more

Instagram Round Up

September is here, and as I begin the process of transitioning my wardrobe for Fall, I wanted to share a few of my favorite and popular summer looks from IG. Most of the clothing items are on deep discount, so I’ve taken the liberty of linking everything so you can snag what you like, atRead more

Keeping the Faith in Low Places

If you’ve watched the news at any point over the last few weeks, you’re already aware of the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has inflicted upon the Gulf Coast, as well as all of the racial turmoil that is plaguing this nation. On a personal level, so many of my friends and family are in theirRead more

Weekend Brunch

I love any excuse to catch up with my best gal pals, or my sisters, and being able to eat deliciously decadent waffles piled high with butter, powdered sugar, and other bad for my waistline but good for my soul toppings, is the best excuse since “my dog ate my homework!” Cue brunch: that magicalRead more

Cover Girl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation Review

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with makeup, and learning more and more about different concealers and foundations, and how to use them. I know, I know…I’m waaaaaayyyy behind the curve. People are out here contouring a whole new face for themselves, and I’m just getting the hang of foundation! 😩 But as I shared here, I’veRead more