So excited to finally be a part of the fashion/lifestyle blog community! I have been posting my favorite fashion finds, personal style, and belongings on Instagram for years, in the past as DuchessofNC, and currently as SuburbanSocialite. Over the years, I have been influenced by many bloggers, who not only showcase their fashion forward styling, but also display warmth and wit in all of their posts and interactions with their followers!

This blog is a candid look at fashion and lifestyle trends through the eyes of a “not so thin, and sometimes glamorous” blogger! I dedicate this blog to women stuck in small towns where no one even knows what a Neverfull is, much less why you’d spend “so much money on a dang bag!” Make sure to follow along on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, and let’s share our favorite fashion, beauty, and home decor tips!! Subscribe for daily personal style and lifestyle tips and inspo sent directly to your inbox!

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