Afternoon Stroll on Main St. in Stitch Fix

Hi y’all! As discussed here and here, my experience with was sooo positive, and I strongly encourage my style-challenged readers to give it a try! In Part 2, I revealed 4 out of the 5 items my Stitch Fix Stylist (Hi Jan!) chose for my Fix. However, I didn’t show my favorite of the set, which was this fabulous Red, White, and Blue Stella Dress by Ixia.

Stitch Fix Dress
As mentioned on my Instagram, I have never been a dress girl, mainly due to my specific body proportions: I am short-waisted, with a thicker middle! (I really wish I could wear a fabulous sheath dress, but alas, it ain’t in the cards!) Suffice it to say, I was skeptical when I pulled out this dress from my Fix package, but I saw the front tie, and thought “hmm, it might give the illusion of a waist line!” I tried it on, and immediately my hubby thought I looked great!

This dress works well because the cut is very well proportioned: the almost bateau neckline is a good balance to the A-line shape of the skirt.  The tie front really nips you in, and gives the illusion of a waistline. The fabric is very thick and sturdy which lends itself to a smooth look, and will also allow this dress to be transitioned into Fall with a jean jacket or cardigan, and knee boots. All in all, I was sold! Socialite Ranking: 9.2/10

Naturally, I decided that this dress would be perfect for an after church walk down Main St.  I dressed Baby Bella in matching red, white, and blue (The sailor edition πŸ˜‰) and we went a’strollin’!

I’ve been using my LV Neverfull a lot lately because I’m trying to let it get that good dark honey patina on the trim! But I decided to show another way to style the dress with a more casual bag!

I paired it with an Hermes Evelyne, which I also discussed here! As you can see, this dress goes well with a more casual bag. So versatile!

So this Stella by Ixia dress was a winner in my book. I was sooo pleased with my Stitch Fix experience. If you love this dress, or my other items, and think that Stitch Fix would be great for you and your wardrobe, click the Get Started button below!

See ya next time!

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