Overcoming the Pull of My Phone 

Recently, I came across a quote by Jessica Seinfeld that made me take a hard, honest look at myself. Wow.  How many times have I been guilty of this one? My first reaction was to rationalize it by thinking “I’m a blogger…my business is my phone, and social media!”  But the reality is that IRead more

Keeping the Faith in Low Places

If you’ve watched the news at any point over the last few weeks, you’re already aware of the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has inflicted upon the Gulf Coast, as well as all of the racial turmoil that is plaguing this nation. On a personal level, so many of my friends and family are in theirRead more

The Hardest Part of Blogging: A Moment of Truth

It’s been a little over a month since I started blogging. I first hit publish on July 9, 2017! I felt blogging would be a natural fit for me: I was already sharing my style on Instagram; I’ve read so many great blogs over the years to get a good idea of how it’s done;Read more