New Mom Must Haves!

*Today’s post is a collaboration with a true #girlboss, Megan Beaver, who is currently expecting baby #2, while juggling a full time career, full time mommy hood, and maintaining her killer brand of style! I’ve teamed up with Megan to discuss our favorite New Mom Must Haves during pregnancy, after delivery, and the first year!

On February 24, 2016, I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl “Bella Rae Stanfield.”
Baby Bella at 10 months

Pregnancy was so rewarding and fulfilling for me, and I enjoyed every moment of it! (and also took advantage…I played damsel in distress on more than one occasion! 😉) Like most new mom’s, I stockpiled soooo many things; literally, everything on the shelves at Babies R Us went on my registry! In true Socialite form, this post is our charitable contribution toward you, new mom, maintaining your sanity, and your funds! Most of these items are pretty popular and most mom’s will at least be familiar with them, if they haven’t already tried them. If you haven’t heard of an item, I hope I can encourage you to try them out!

-Pink Blush maternity everything: cute and stylish maternity clothes that are comfortable and don’t break the bank.

-Yoga shorts: an essential piece, to wear under dresses (to prevent the chub rub!), to wear lounging around the house, and as comfy shorts for after the birth.

-Maternity underwear: I didn’t buy it for my first, but broke down and bought some this time, it’s the best thing I’ve done so far! Comfy and stretchy!

– Sanuk yoga sling sandals: the sandal material is stretchy (and is comfortable even when your feet swell) and it feels like a yoga mat under your feet, lots of cute colors!

– Stylish kimono for the hospital: make yourself feel good, even when your body is exhausted, and they look great in pictures! They cover up certain areas you might be uncomfortable with, and make for easy access for breastfeeding.

– Bright colored and fun jewelry and scarves to dress up boring maternity clothes

– La Croix flavored soda water (or any brand): sugar free and caffeine free; a healthy alternative to soda with the fizz

– Comfy, cute, soft pajamas: because you will be spending 99% of your time in bed with the baby (I love the nite nite munki munki brand from Target, they are SO SO SO soft!)

– Mesh underwear and cool pads: do yourself a favor and hoard them while you are in the hospital, so you have plenty to take home !

-Nipple shields: the gift I give every new mom, this saved me from quitting breastfeeding. Use it when it feels like it hurts too bad to keep going and give your nipples a break. Also helps babies who have trouble latching

-Milkies Milk Saver Breast Milk Collector: use it on one breast, while the baby feeds from the other, to save all the milk that may leak out, don’t let a drop go to waste!

– Freemie Breast Bump: a quiet breast pump that goes inside your bra with no external parts that allows you to pump anytime, anywhere without others knowing!

– Matilda Jane everything! I am having a girl, and I am totally obsessed with this clothing line. It’s fun and colorful, lots of pattern-mixing and ruffles, a little shabby chic, a little vintage. I want it all!

– Dockatot: use it in the bed, on the floor, during the day, at night, very versatile and tested for safety.

-Baby Shusher: there is something about the “shush” sound that is calming to babies, use this to help them calm down

– Fisher Price Calming Vibrations: this was a life saver, soft humming and vibrations that helps an upset baby!

-Nose Frida: I promise it’s not gross, the best way to get those boogers out!                                             * I’m with Megan on this one! Skip the bulb aspirator and get the Nose Frida! My baby actually enjoyed my using this, and you clear out so much more mucus! (Amber)

-The Windi: I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet, but it is supposed to be amazing for a gassy baby!

– Zarbees Naturals: natural remedies that help babies who may be too young for medicine. Greatly helped my daycare baby who was sick all the time!

– The Honest Company: I love it all, but my favorites are the shampoo/bodywash, the healing balm, and the breathe easy rub. No harmful chemicals, soft, subtle smells, and easy on sensitive baby skin!

A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood have the BEST maternity jeans, IMO, but I also listed a few other faves below!

-This vegan tummy butter is a must have!!! I personally believe that it kept my stretch mark count low, but I loved rubbing it on my belly and feeling my baby respond!

-The Honest Company Once Daily prenatals! I love these because they are so well thought out! They include ginger for nausea, green food and spirulina, and Folate, as opposed to Folic Acid, which is supposed to be more bioavailable.

The Third Love Nursing Bra: Stop what you are doing right now, and go get it! So soft, but still supportive, and they have a handy snap front closure! Third Love is also awesome for regular bras as well. They match you with bras according to the shape of your breasts, not just size!

-Dermoplast Pain Relief Spray. Wont go in detail, but if you have stitches, you need this!

-We loved this travel system by Chicco! The stroller is so sturdy and pushes smoothly. The car seat is well cushioned and has a really secure harness and latch mechanism.

-I loved Dr. Brown’s bottles! The unique vent system depressurizes the bottle and reduces the likelihood of gas and colic. These bottle can be a pain because of all the parts, which require more cleaning, but to me, they were worth it!

-Mama Roo Swing: Your baby will love this! The movement is so smooth, and the speeds for each setting can be adjusted easily using the app that you download to your cell phone.

Thank you Megan (pictured below with her son, Everett) for collaborating and providing these awesome new mom must haves!

Mother and son in front of lighthouse
Readers! What are your mommyhood essentials? Drop me a line below!

See ya next time!

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