The Best Bras for Your Body

So today is National Underwear Day, and in honor of that, I wanted to pay homage to the hardest working item in your wardrobe. You guessed it: your bra! A good bra is a must have for a smooth and supported look in your clothing. You can have on a designer blouse, but you will look less than chic if you have unflattering lumps and bulges that are the result of a poorly fitted bra.

I read a study that said like 64% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. And I get it, because I hadn’t been properly measured since my first training bra fitting! (I kid, I kid….kinda). But in my search for a well made and well fitting bra, I came across

Third Love is amazing because not only do they carry 1/2 sizes (genius, right?), but they create bras based around the shape of your breasts.

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I love their Fit methods, because it’s not always as cut and dry as just being 34C…you might need that 1/2 size that’s in between C and D, or your relaxed breast shape might do better with a balconette bra that lifts them from underneath!

Get out the tape measure, match your breast shape, and get a Third Love bra that will make you feel your best, and look totally smooth and lifted in your fabulous clothing!

*this post was not sponsored by Third Love. I genuinely love this company, and their sizing methods, and wanted to share with my readers! 

See ya next time! 

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