3 Simple Ways To Rejuvenate Your Bedroom

Our bedrooms should be our sanctuary, our haven away from the grueling stresses of modern life and our rooms of relaxation. If you wake up every morning with a crick in your neck, you despise the hue on your walls, and your flooring hasn’t been changed since the dawn of humankind, then you might want to think about giving your bedroom a bit of a makeover. A drab bedroom isn’t conducive to a good night’s sleep, and you could end up staying up late simply to delay the moment that your head hits the pillow. Heading up to the sack every evening should be a welcome experience, not one that you put off or resent. Take a look at these three simple ways that you can rejuvenate your bedroom.

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The Walls

The color that you choose to have adorning your room will set the mood for your interior. You may choose to opt for a minimalist white to accentuate your love of clean lines, sparseness, and natural light. Alternatively, you might want to play around with more dramatic colors such as plums, crimsons, and teals. If getting out the paintbrush isn’t really your thing and you’d worry about the quality of finish that you could achieve, it might be wise to employ a painting company to show off your feature wall in all its glory.

While you will need to paint some of the walls, you could choose to develop a statement wall with wallpaper. Achingly cool geometric patterns inspired by the 1960’s are very much on trend at the moment. Alternatively, if you love texture, why not take a punt on the flock wallpaper that is super tactile and brings a touch of elegance to your room.

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Many people say that too many cushions on a bed look ridiculous. What do they know? Cushions, throws, and fabrics utilizing a mix of textures can add a richness to your room that will help your bedroom become a welcoming space once again. If you love the soft feel of chenille and silk and velvet, get some throws made from these materials. You want your bed to be the most comfortable space. When you’re reading the latest bestseller in bed, there’s nothing better than having that faux velvet pillow propping you up and your chenille throw keeping your toes warm.


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Every bedroom benefits from natural light. It doesn’t matter whether your bedroom is small and cozy, or a vast expanse of space with dual aspect windows, you can maximize the amount of light that enters into your room. Whip up a mirror on the wall opposite your window to allow the light to bounce around your interior. Ensure that the drapery you put up isn’t too heavy or dark as this can block out the much needed rays of sunshine. You may want to experiment with blinds and shutters to have more control over the light you let into your space.

Your bedroom should be the one area in your humble abode where you feel completely relaxed and at ease. By employing these strategies, you could be hitting the sack and getting the best night sleep that you’ve had in years.




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