5 Tips For A Garden Overhaul

It doesn’t matter how many times you do it, your garden will never be finished. Why? Well, because you will always spend time redoing it and redoing it over and over. When you finish one border of flowers, you’ll replace it with another the next year. The garden is the one place in the home that requires constant maintenance. Well, unless you have it concreted over, that is. Plants fail and tastes change, but your garden will never look the same two years in a row. When the weather is unpredictable and a storm ruins your garden, you have to start all over again once more. 

There is always the best of intentions where the garden is concerned, but those with a green thumb like to evaluate their outdoor spaces over and over. The front yard isn’t neglected either, with a lawn for the garden, but gravel for the driveway and the borders as these are high-traffic areas. There are plenty of things to consider about your garden – front or back – but the biggest thing to consider is how much work you want to put into it. For this article, we’re going to go over the best tips for a garden overhaul – what you do from there is totally up to you!

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  • Reduce The Size Of The Lawn


We love a good, sweeping, green lawn, right? Well, it’s not for everyone. Most people love the idea of a sweeping lawn but not the maintenance that comes with it! If you want to take down the size of your lawn, you could get in touch with a great gravel supplier and fill in the space so that the greenery is in a smaller area. A lawn is a lot of maintenance and requires a lot of work. Adding flower beds and gravel is the very basic that you can do to take down the size of the lawn and make it a much cleaner and smaller space. Add some shrubbery to the borders to make it look pretty!


  • An Outdoor Room


On the subject of making the lawn smaller, why not add an outdoor room to your garden? Shed bars are all the rage, and man caves created out of wood are adding value to the living space in the garden. The weather may mean that we can’t enjoy the garden in the way that we’d like to, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use a room in the garden all year, no matter what the weather may be! You can create a peaceful sanctuary away from the house that can be used as a studio, an office and a sanctuary away from the noise of the house.


  • Look At Your Paving Options


Do you have a path leading you to the front of your house? Why not consider changing it up? You could pressure wash it until your heart’s content, but is it really going to last forever? No, it most definitely isn’t! So, you could redo your paving with a gravel pathway, or you could invest a little in porcelain paving. The best thing to do is to look at your existing paving and decide if your property has a good flow. If you like the way it looks right now, then there’s no need to rip the whole thing up and call in the landscapers. However, you should also look at what would be the best thing for your home and not just what looks pretty. Always seek the advice of a professional before you rip up any paving, just in case it interferes with the foundations of your home.


  • Light It Up


The lighting on the outside of your home is vital and in the garden, you have plenty of options. You can go for solar lights in the shape of lampposts, or you could go for a wood-fired oven in the outdoor kitchen. The right lighting is vital for your home, but for your exterior you can really enjoy those long summer nights when you can see what’s going on long into the night. That wood-fired oven? Perfect for late night pizzas!


  • Plant For The Animals


Wildlife will always make a home for themselves in your garden, and you should always keep the wildlife in mind when you are creating a planting scheme. You want to be able to work with nature rather than drive it out. You don’t need tons of shrubbery and bracken, but you should consider the back of the garden being a little more wild with a bird bath in the middle to encourage animals in!


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