5 Tips For Keeping Pests Out Of The Garden

When you spend time renovating the home and garden and making it look beautiful for the months ahead, the last thing that you want is to find holes dug all over the place, or the flowers eaten and broken. You don’t want to find droppings of animals that you don’t even own in your garden when your children play out there.

Pests in the garden are so much more than flies and ants sometimes. We can all appreciate that the odd fox or mole may pop up in the backyard, but we can’t appreciate it when badgers and other animals make their way through the fence and decide to defecate in the grass. When it comes to solving a wildlife problem, you need to think about how you can keep the animals you don’t want in the garden away, and that takes a little work on your part. Luckily for you, we’ve got five top tips for keeping those critters out of your garden.

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  • Take Away The Attractions

There’s got to be a reason that the animals are coming into your garden. Check around the edges of your garden; are the brush piles perfect nesting materials? Are there tall nesting trees around? How about big piles of compost? These are all attractions for animals that you didn’t even know that they would be looking for. Take away the brush piles if you don’t need them, and make sure that your garden is clear of compost heaps that act as the perfect burrowing spot!

  • Get A Dog/Cat

One of the biggest deterrents for wildlife wandering into the garden is a domestic animal in the home. They want to avoid these as much as possible and if they can smell the scent of a potential predator, they’re going to stay away!

  • Traps

If your problem is rats and other rodents, humane traps could be the way to go. You can catch and release a little further from the house so that you can get rid of the pest without them immediately coming back to the garden.

  • Repellants

Animals have a very sensitive sense of smell and while you don’t want to lay down poisons (you’re not a monster and your own kids/animals may eat it), you do need to repel the wildlife coming into your garden. So, think about repellents like garlic, essential oils, castor oil, predator urine and more to keep them away from the garden. Theyll adapt to the smells over time, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t work! You can change up your options as much as you like, which will be amazing and enable you to keep them out of the garden!

  • Extra Fencing

You may have a boundary already around the edge of the garden. Instead of worrying about pests burrowing underneath the fence, add chicken wire in front of the fences. This will prevent burrowing as there is nowhere to go! 

Pests don’t have to take over your garden if you put in the right measures to stop them!


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