Interior Design “Must Haves” Of Spring 2018

interior design trends

Spring is here, and with it comes that old familiar impulse. We want out, out, out with the old and in, in, in with the new before summer gets here; like a relative who rarely visits but must be appeased. It’s the season where we shake off the last of the winter blues and devote ourselves to crafting a better version of our lives. We vow to go to the gym more, to be more sociable, to enjoy more of the things that bring us pleasure and meaning, and to give our homes the TLC they’ve long been without. While we love to enjoy our homes all year round, spring has a special significance with regard to cleaning and embracing interior design trends. All over the world, in various religions and cultural traditions you’ll find some variation on the spring cleaning ritual around this time of year. Many spring cleaning traditions have gone back centuries. In Jewish customs, for example, the Passover has long been a time of particular significance as it marked the end of the Jews’ slavery in Egypt. Of course, Christianity is not without its own hallowed spring cleaning traditions. Catholics clean the church altar the day before Good Friday, while those of the Greek Orthodox church clean the house vigorously for the week before Lent. The Persian New Year celebration of Nowruz also coincides with the first day of spring and this traditionally requires a process of “shaking the house”, in which observers carry out extensive  spring cleaning and spend more of their time with family and friends.

interior design trends

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While clearing out our clutter and deep cleaning the oft neglected nooks and crannies of the home will be enough for most of us, the home decor fashionista will also view this as an opportunity to inject some new modernity into the home. They’ll see it as the idea opportunity to get their home up to date on the latest trends in decor or even carry out the odd renovation here and there. If you pine to make your old home feel new, there’s always something that can be done, whatever your budget, to bring your home right up to date. Of course, we must always remember that contemporary will always be temporary but if you’re determined to breathe new life into your home it can be done with a lick of paint or a full renovation, depending on how much expenditure and disruption you’re prepared to endure. Let’s go all around the home to check out the season’s foremost interior design trends…

In the living room

Interior design trends have favored the bold in recent years, but if you’ve always has a taste for softer shades and a subtler palette, there’s good news. While the fall and winter trends of last year had a penchant for rich textures like velvet in its soft furnishings and vivid colors like teal on the walls, spring 2018’s trends lean into softer and subtler tones. Gaudy millennial pink (who thought that was a good idea?) is out and while the ever ubiquitous teal is still hanging in there, it’s still a trifle gauche when viewed through the prism of this season’s palette. Think instead of lilacs, peaches and violets for your walls and soft furnishings. If you want something a little bolder that will make a statement, gelato colors like pinks, yellows, soft purples and mint choc chip greens. These are great for lending vibrancy to a space but are still relatively subtle.

If you can’t decide between two subtly different shades for your walls; have no fear, ombre is huge this year! The subtle art of blending two disparate colors together to create a charmingly sunset like effect takes some doing but you can pull it off with this guide. If the idea of ombre on your walls is a little too risky for you, the effect is just as applicable to soft furnishings, cushions and even decorative vases, plant pots and jugs.

Making a statement with your wall art is still one of the best ways to add a wow factor to your walls. Just remember some of the golden rules of hanging art. The piece needs to be given room to breathe. Indeed, some larger or bolder pieces may need a whole room all to themselves.  Choose your art wisely, giving careful consideration to the effect that it will have on the room and what it will say to first time visitors. You should also centre the piece at eye level from the point of view of whether you’ll be spending most of your time sitting or standing in the room. You should also consider how it will interact with the room’s lighting. If, for example, your statement art is in a glass frame, positioning it so that it reflects the room’s light source will rob it of its effect.

Mantle pieces are an eyecatching facet of any living room but if thinking of going with Carrara marble on your mantelpiece, don’t bother. Terrazzo’s where it’s at this year!

In the bedroom

The bedroom should be a temple of sleep, relaxation and tranquility. As such it needs to be tastefully but sparingly appointed. Visually “busy” bedrooms distract the mind and rarely aid sleep. Personally, I advise against using a TV in the bedroom and keep the use of devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones to a minimum in here, too.

If there’s a word that defines the season’s trend in bedrooms it’s “moody”. Atmospheric lighting, bold statement art using geometric shapes, and moody photography prints are all essential in creating a bedroom that looks and feels relaxing and ambient with a hint of mystique. If you want to create an airy and breezy feel in your bedroom, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of mirrors.

Remember that natural materials are your best friend in making your room a restful space. Bare wood and stone are always welcome in the bedroom while soft furnishings and bedding should favor natural fabrics like cottons and linens.

interior design trends

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In the kitchen

If your mind is set on shaking things up in the kitchen, there’s never been a better time to renovate. There’s a lot of exciting stuff going on in the world of kitchens from decor trends to technological marvels. If you want a cutting edge kitchen but don’t want the space where memories are made to look like a mouth full of porcelain capped teeth, you’ll be delighted to learn that the pristine whites and sterile silvers of yesteryear have given way to more idiosyncratic looks.

You can have a kitchen that’s clean and contemporary in its finish yet quirky in its use of color. Lots of cupboards and drawers can now be seen in richer darker colors like blacks, grays, plummy purples, deep reds and royal blues. Eclecticism is the name of the game when it comes to kitchens this year and mixed materials and contrasting finishes are the order of business whether you’re trying to create an ultramodern masterpiece of clean lines and futuristic appliances or something more rustic.

When it comes to countertops, however, stone will always be the way to go. A stone countertop lends a kitchen a wonderfully elegant sense of history which can work equally well with contemporary designs or a more traditional and rustic aesthetic. The great thing about natural stone is the versatility of the looks that can be created. You can see some miracles being wrought with marble at and granite is always great. There are some, however, for whom quartz will always be king. Quartz’ polymer resins make it a little more flexible and resistant than natural stone making it immune to chips and scratches. It’s worth noting however, that the resin is not heat resistant meaning that a misplaced pan could ruin your impressive (and expensive) aesthetic.

The trend when it comes to kitchen  flooring is undeniably in favor of hardwood. Unlike tiles which are prone to scratches, chips and marks or linoleum which often looks cheap, hardwood lends class, sophistication and a versatility which makes it fit perfectly in any kitchen. Moreover, if your tastes should change, the beauty of hardwood is that it can be sanded down and resurfaced to create a completely different look.

Finally, your kitchen needs to be as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. If you really want to get ahead of the curve, invest in a steam oven which cooks using steam to seal in nutrients while also shaving a significant chunk off of your energy bill. They’re so cool that they can even be operated from your smartphone via Bluetooth! Combine that with a smart refrigerator which senses when you’re running low on certain items and automatically reorders them for you online and you have a futuristic kitchen even if it looks rustic!

By addressing these key interior design trends, you can create a home that embraces the trends of the season yet is future proofed to insulate it from tomorrow’s fads. Even if it’s simply a splash of paint on your kitchen cupboard doors and a few well placed pieces of statement art, breathing new life into your home is a wonderful way to celebrate the coming of spring.  

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  1. I’m so happy to read that teal is still hanging in there! I can’t get sick of it. Fun article, although I could afford to do more spring update to the decor in my home, give me a few ideas of what I could do on a tight budget!

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  6. Great review on the current trendy colors for indoor walls. You articulated the color palettes very well. I love the word ombré!

  7. I’m also a big fan of stone for countertops. I keep lusting over marble but my practical hubby keeps reminding me on how easy it is to stain it with wine or lemon. So we ended up with butcher blocks both times. Perhaps when the kids are older and we’ll try marble again!

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  13. I love to have flowers and green plants inside my house. I have read somewhere that having a plant inside your home is not only refreshing but it is also good for your health.

  14. Great article recapping this year’s design trends. It’s always good to keep up with trends but I’m also a fan of designing your home after your own heart. Trends come & go, but your own personal style is likely to evolve much slower. 😉
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