Bathroom Alert: You’re Wasting Money In All The Wrong Places

Did you know that bathrooms are one of the first rooms in your home to show signs of wear and tear? There is no surprise about it; after all, the typical family with two children uses the bathroom intensively throughout the day. If one of you is into sports, you might be looking at more than one shower per day a day, meaning that your bathroom is going through a lot on a daily basis.

Consequently, moisture, dead skin particles, and hair can accumulate in corners you can’t reach behind the bathroom cabinet or the shower, creating the perfect environment for mold growth. The once clean and fresh bathroom doesn’t last for long. Most households complaint that their bathroom loses its freshness within the first few months of use. After a few years, homeowners have grown to loathe the bathroom and want to remodel the room instead. However, when the average remodel costs over $10,000, you need to make sure that your home improvement project is going to improve the look and value of your bathroom, while saving money in the process!  

bathroomAn indoor plant transforms your bathroom and reduces remodel frequency

Stylish means easy to maintain

As surprising as it might sound, most families tend to update their bathroom every 10 years. However, they will update the wall color and some of the furniture items more regularly, accumulating further expenses to keep the bathroom feeling fresh and clean. Most improvement costs could be saved if families chose to design a room that is easy to clean and maintain in the first place. Indeed, a family of 4 can use the bathroom up to 20 times a day, meaning that naturally occurring dust and moisture have many opportunities to spread in the room. Relying on accessible equipment such as modern freestanding bathtubs can not only cut your cleaning time by half but also prolonged the life of your bathroom altogether. A minimalist decor comes with a significant advantage!

Less is more

Your minimalist style can go much further than the selection of your bathtub, toilet, and washbasin. Indeed, keeping your bathroom easy to maintain relies on maximizing the accessibility throughout the room. You can gain a lot of space by removing your cabinet and replacing it with an open trolley, for instance. An open structure has the advantage to be manageable – you can easily wash behind and around it. Additionally, keeping your products on display avoids crowded cabinets. You are forced to focus on a handful of essentials you use.

Don’t let moisture ruin your efforts

Even in an open decor, moisture can creep in and affects your belongings. It is the nature of bathrooms! Consequently, you need to include stylish solutions to reduce the risks of mold formation. While nothing can replace quality ventilation, you can also consider the addition of houseplants that could get rid of the moisture. A Boston Fern, for instance, is a favorite and absorbent indoor plant that balances humidity levels for you. Similarly, you also need to protect your walls against the damages of moisture. Tiles are a trendy solution, assuming you remember to wipe them down after every shower. You can also use bathroom-resilient paint on the ceiling.

From buying too many beauty products to investing in the wrong equipment, most bathroom updates become overly expensive due to poor choices. Save your money by choosing wisely from the start, focusing on decor that is easy to clean, minimalist, and that doesn’t give moisture any chance to build up.



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