Build a Basement Bar in Your Home

Basements are hugely useful spaces. They’re great for storing all your stuff that won’t go elsewhere – or maybe for using as a wine cellar. If you’re not using it for much of anything, though, it’s just going to waste. A basement can also be turned into a cozy room if you’re not using it for storage or something like a home workshop or laundry room. There are many things you can do but if your home is a fun-loving place where you like to hang out with friends and family, a home bar is a great idea. It’s easier than you might think it is to create a beautiful bar in your basement.

Make the Space Liveable

You need to start off creating your bar by making your basement a space you can live in. Basement are often much more basic than the rest of your home, so they don’t have the insulation, the lighting or the heating/cooling that other spaces have. In fact, you might first need to make sure your basement is waterproof. At Helitech Online, you can read about the importance of waterproofing your basement space. If you want it to be healthy and habitable space, you need to prevent any potential issues like damp or poor ventilation. You might need to check if there are any building codes you need to follow. Consider whether you need plumbing too.


Plan How You Want to Use Your Space

Different people will have different ideas of what makes the perfect basement bar. For some, it’s a sports bar-style space, where they can drink the day away as they watch the latest game. For others, it’s a cozy space, where they can curl up with a book and an espresso martini, or perhaps a cheerful room that’s perfect for spending time with friends and family. Think about how you want to make use of the space you have. Do you want a long bar, where you can make drinks and maybe even light meals? Or would you prefer to have a small bar or even a bar cart so you can save space for seating?

Choose a Bar Theme or Style

What sort of style are you thinking about for your bar? You might want to consider different themes of decor styles and trends to get the look you want. Do you want something modern or more traditional? Are you going to base it on a particular type of bar, like a sports bar, an apres-ski chalet, or a trendy hipster bar? Or do you want it to look more like a natural part of your home? There are so many directions you could consider to create a bar you love.

Make It High-tech

No room in a modern home would be complete without a bit of technology. You might choose some high-tech bar equipment, but since you’re not going to be showing off for customers, your money might be better used elsewhere. A good TV or a wireless sound system can make your basement bar more entertaining.

Create a beautiful basement bar in your home and you’ll soon have a new favorite room. There are so many things you can do with it to design a space you’ll love.

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