Creating That Country Cottage Feel In A City Setting

Nothing quite beats the idea of living in a country cottage. Even the keen city-dwellers among us dream of a rural retreat. In fact, the dream is so prevalent for some that it begs the question why they don’t just make the leap already? After all, there are plenty of countryside homes waiting for the perfect owner.

In truth, though, there are a few reasons the majority of us congregate in cities. For one, this is a matter of practicality. In a city, you’re likely within walking distance of everything you need. Even if not, public transport has you covered. Country living just doesn’t compare. There’s a reason they call it ‘living in the sticks’.

As if that weren’t reason enough, price can also come into play. While no one would claim city living is cheap, the availability of modestly sized properties goes some way towards keeping costs down. As well as saving on upfront costs, the maintenance of a small apartment is sure to be manageable. By comparison, country homes are generally larger, and thus more expensive from the off. You can also bet they’ll cost double to maintain.

But, does that mean city-dwellers should let go of country dreams altogether? Not at all. In truth, it’s easy enough to apply that country cottage feeling, even in a city setting. And, we’re going to look at how.

Characterful touches

Many of us love country cottages because of their characterful additions. Wooden beams and beautiful windows are just two of the attractions for many. But, what if we were to tell you that you can achieve these, even when living in a city? In fact, it’s possible to incorporate any characterful addition you can imagine. You can even get that stone cottage effect on your city home by using the stone siding offered by companies like Tulsa Renew. It’s even possible to buy wooden beams. You could then incorporate them into new properties for decorative purposes. And, window-replacement could see you with quirky windows to rival your favorite cottages.

country cottage

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Welcoming nature

Of course, many of us also love the idea of country life because of nature. Sadly, you can’t buy those rolling hills for your city home. But, you can find alternative ways to incorporate nature. If you’re lucky enough to have outside space, high hedges, trees, and luscious flower beds will go a long way. Even if you live in an apartment, you can use houseplants and balcony flowers to achieve the same effect. It might not be stunning views, but it’ll still provide a nice burst of nature.

Creating a haven

Let’s not forget that country homes also offer a wonderfully peaceful haven. In some cases, a country cottage will be entirely isolated. And, there’s some obvious appeal in that. But, it’s possible to create a city haven, too. By soundproofing your home, you can go a long way towards blocking the outside world. You could also incorporate candles and smells to help your home feel like a real escape.



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