Easy Ways Your Home Can Save You Money… To Spend On Looking Fabulous

We socialites love nothing more than stepping out in our finery to see the people we care about most, and to be seen by our friends and followers. But while there’s no feeling in the world like stepping out in a little black number with your Prada bag slung over your shoulder, let’s be real… Looking good comes at a price. And let’s face it, in this economy we’re already pulling down as many hours as humanly possible to fund our… modestly lavish lifestyles. We work darned hard for our money, and what little we have to ourselves, we like to spend on looking fine as well as some of life’s other little luxuries like good food and fine wine. The last thing we need is to let our homes eat away at our well deserved wages. But that’s exactly what most of our homes are doing.

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Even if you’re right on top of your bills, and regularly switch energy providers to make sure that you get the best deal your home could still be leeching away at your income that could be better spent on gorgeous things. It’s time to nip this in the bud right now. There are a multitude of solutions at your disposal. Some of them may require some investment, while others will cost you next to nothing…

Light up for less

Light can make all the difference in your home. The right lighting can make a small room look bigger, a cold room look warmer, a sparsely decorated room look cosier and a cluttered room look airier. But if your home exclusively uses old fashioned filament bulbs, you may be spending a whole lot more on your home’s lighting than you should. These bulbs waste 90% of the energy you pay for on unneeded heat rather than light. Switching to CFL or LED bulbs can save you a small fortune every single year. They’re a whole lot better for the environment too.

Of course, if your budget is an issue, you can simply capitalize on the amount of natural light you get by ensuring that your blinds and curtains are always open through daylight hours and using mirrors to reflect and amplify the natural light without costing you a penny!

Hit the roof!

You’d be amazed how much of your money is drifting up through your ceiling and up through the roof. There are a few things you can do about this and www.erieconstruction.com can help you with pretty much all of them. Firstly the materials in your roof may be leaking a lot of heat outwards. Metal roofs are actually the best to keep your home warm in the winter but cool in the summer. You should also get someone to take a good look at your attic insulation. Leaks or infestations of mice and squirrels can seriously impair your insulation’s ability to keep you warm.


If you feel a draft when you walk past your windows (even when they’re closed) it’s likely that you’re losing a lot of heat (and money) through them. Replacing your windows can save you up to $2,000 a year and most companies will let you pay in interest free instalments with no money down.


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