Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Upcycling Furniture

Do you have an old coffee table that you don’t need anymore? Or perhaps you’ve got a broken stool that you were thinking of throwing away? Well, stop right there! You don’t need to dispose of any of your items of furniture just because they are old or broken. Why not upcycle them instead?

Never heard of upcycling? It’s basically just taking a piece of furniture and transforming it so that it can be used in a different way. It’s a great way of recycling your decor pieces and cutting down on your overall household waste. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be super crafty and creative to upcycle your furniture. These handy tips will help out everyone, from beginners to seasoned pros!


Use Your Imagination

When it comes to upcycling items, the only thing restricting you is your own imagination! So, don’t be afraid to go big and bold. That way, you will be likely to create an eye-catching item that people will love. Your imagination will also help you think of some really cool uses that you could give to your old furniture pieces.

Clean And Touch Up The Item

Before you start working on an old furniture piece, you should make sure that it has been cleaned and touched up. This will make it easier to work on and help any adhesives and paints stick better to it. Wood touch up markers can remove any stains and fill in any cracks and scratches. By touching up the original piece before you start, the final item will look as good as new!

Invest In Good Tools

If you don’t already have some DIY tools, you’ll need to go out and buy some essentials, such as hammers, screwdrivers, and paintbrushes. It’s really important that you invest in good-quality tools. They will help you get some really great results and will last a lot longer than cheaper tools.


Start With Small Projects

If you feel a bit daunted by upcycling pieces of furniture, then you should start off with some small projects. You can then build up to larger projects once you feel a bit more confident. Not only that, though, but working your way up lets you practice your skills while also learning and developing new ones. If you take on too much early on, you will find that it can be very overwhelming and stressful, which could lead to you making lots of mistakes and errors.

Protect All Finished Pieces

Once you have completed a piece, you should make sure that you protect the materials to increase its longevity. For instance, you will need to varnish wood to prevent it from fading and rotting. It’s also a good idea to add a coat of anti-rust paint to any metal materials you use in your projects, especially if the finished piece will be going outside in the garden.

Upcycling your furniture is easy if you go about it the right way. Hopefully, all of the above tips will help you with your projects!


See you next time!


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