Gorgeous Outdoor Additions To Your Home

Home decor doesn’t have to be confined to inside your home. You should also be painfully aware of how the outside of your house looks. Too many people spend too much time on interior design, they end up neglecting the exterior. 

It’s kind of funny, especially when you realize what part of your home most people are likely to see – the outside!  You’ll be glad to know that you can come up with so many gorgeous outdoor additions to your home. I’m talking about things right outside the front of your house, and things in the back yard. Here’s some inspiration to get your exterior design juices flowing:

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A deck in the garden

Decks are stunning additions to any home. They bring an edge to your garden, they give it some extra class and style. With a good deck company, you can create something genuinely magnificent that adds some substance to your outdoor area. I love this idea because it gives you an outdoor living space. A deck can be used for BBQs, parties, or just chilling outside in the sun. Plus, you can decorate it with outdoor furniture, cute lights, and so much more. 

A stunning water feature

Do you really want to give off luxury vibes? Well, you can’t go wrong with an impressive water feature. This can go either in your front yard or out the back. It probably looks back around the back, but one in the front yard will definitely make a statement! There are loads of water features out there, but my mind currently pictures a stunning water fountain sculpture. Again, it totally transforms your outdoor space. There’s a genuine beauty that comes with a water feature, and the added benefit of the peaceful sounds of water flowing. 

A front porch

Looking at the front of your house, you can dramatically improve your house with a porch. This is almost a half extension for your front door. It provides visitors with extra room to stand while they wait outside, but it also makes your home more visually appealing. A porch upgrades your curb appeal and will definitely turn heads. 

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Flower arrangements

Okay, after the thrill of water features and porches, flower arrangements feel quite lame. However, they’re actually a gorgeous outdoor addition to your home. Flowers add bright flecks of vibrant colors that can match with the color of your home. A couple of flowerbeds in the garden will make it feel so much more alive and beautiful. Some hanging flower pots by your front door – and maybe even a flower arrangement in front of your house – will definitely liven things up and improve your exterior design. 

Like most people, a lot of my time is focused on interior design. I think this is because we see the inside of our homes the most. We spend all our time there, so we want it to look as amazing as possible. That being said, you can’t forget about the outside either! Make onlookers green with envy by adding some of these gorgeous things to your property.



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