How To Keep Houseplants Alive In The Darker Parts Of Your Home

Very few houseplants can grow without any natural light at all, and many need bright and indirect light to thrive. This can make it difficult if you want to incorporate plant decoration in the darker areas of your home, such as a cozy bedroom, a basement kitchen or a bathroom which doesn’t have a window. Although it’s a common fact that houseplants need light to grow, there are some ways to get around this dilemma. 


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Pick varieties that like low light

Although few houseplants will grow in the complete absence of light, many actually thrive in low light and shady places making them perfect for north-facing rooms or tricky shady positions. A Calathea is a beautiful plant who likes to be out of direct light, some varieties also have striking purple bottoms to their leaves which make them very artistic. Spider plants, ferns and the very popular snake plant all prefer lower light conditions too and are known for being difficult to kill. The Dracaena genus includes over 40 species of plants and is a popular choice for offices and shopping malls, they have cane-like stems and palm style leaves which can leave them looking a little more like miniature trees. For a plant that will survive a little tough love then try the golden pathos which can survive in near-complete darkness and with very little water, with its attractive, durable green vines it is a popular houseplant and its one of the top ten air purifying plants too. 

Rotate your houseplants

Most houseplants can survive in dark places for short periods of time if they are then rotated out into the light. This is a common technique used in office blocks where businesses pay a company to manage their plants and rotate them so that the ones in the bathrooms and dark corners don’t start to die and look unsightly. Set a reminder on your calendar to rotate your plants every couple of days to give them each time in the sun. Some varieties will be able to last longer in the dark than others, such as the snake plant, so if you want to lengthen the time between rotations, opt for a plant which prefers low light naturally. 

Give them a helping hand 

If you have a room with absolutely no natural light such as a basement or windowless toilet but are determined to grow a houseplant in there anyway then you may want to give them a helping hand by purchasing a grow light. Full-spectrum grow lights can provide your plants with all the light they need to survive, and they often look pretty too giving off a purple glow. Switch the light on for a few hours every day to give your plant the light it needs and it will thrive even in the darkest of rooms. Opt for an LED grow light to save energy and for truly effortless plant maintenance, set it to come on with a timer so that it comes on automatically. 



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