How to Make the Most Out of Your Garden

We spend so much time and energy on the interior of our home. From picking paint colors and wallpapers, to choosing themes and motifs for different rooms, to scouring antique fairs and garage sales until we find that perfect little finishing touch to really make the whole place feel like home. But, with spending so much effort on the inside, it’s sometimes easy to forget about the outside. Sure, we all want a gorgeous landscape to look at through the perfect picture window, but how much thought do we put into ways to spend time in and really enjoy our gardens? With these top tips below, you’ll soon find it’s like you’ve gained a beautiful new room to your home by investing just a little in your outdoor space. Whatever the size, whatever the shape, there’s a way of giving your garden a new lease of life.

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 You want a seamless transition from inside to outdoors and to maximize the way you use your space. As with any room, you need to start with a floor plan. Think about popular areas, the ones which get the most traffic, symmetry. If you make sure you have a great room plan in place, then you, your family and guests will easily get the most out of the beautiful and versatile space.

 Plan for Weather

 While some inclement weather will force you and your guests inside, grabbing drinks and books as you go, the majority of summertime variables can be dealt with easily with a little preparation. It’s well worth looking at a Patio Cover Company for the optimum design to offer cover from both rain and shine to your garden. Outdoor heaters are never a bad idea to stave off evening chills, and have you considered lighting? Although there are few things more romantic than a candlelit evening spent outside on a balmy summer night, this might not always be the most appropriate solutions. If you have small children or are planning to have big summer parties with lots of guests, candles quickly become a fire hazard. Invest in some outdoor lighting to avoid trips, falls and fires at your summer parties.

 Color and Accessories

 You might have the perfectly planned space with zones ideal for socializing and allowing your guests to mingle, children play or you to simply kick back with a book and a chilled glass of white wine, but if you want to make the outdoors really pop, invite some color in with textiles. Get some cushions and throws in matching or contrasting colors so you can get comfy in your garden when you’re relaxing there. In the garden you can be bigger, brighter and bolder than you would ever dare indoors! The garden is the perfect place for outrageous prints and patterns that will make every time you step out of doors feel like you’re on holiday. Plus, their busy patterns hide any mishaps that might occur…! Use outdoor lanterns, planters and ceramics to add splashes of personality amongst the plants and seating.






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