Improving Your Home Privacy – A Few Essential Tips

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Home privacy can be a wonderful thing to have. Even the most social among us need a little time on their own when they can, if only to recharge or compose themselves against the intense ups and downs of life. Privacy, no matter if we live alone, with roommates or our families, can help us get there.

But what might constitute privacy for one person may be less important to another. Take our digital fingerprint, for example. There are many out there who use Thinkpad laptops running Linux operating software, hiding all of their internet traffic through VPN software, ensuring their data is protected by security keys, and veering away from services like Google that are known to track your data and use it to curate their services. But there are others who are just happy having a two-factor lock on their accounts, for ease and convenience.

The same goes for how we care for our homes. In this post, we’re going to assume you’re more of the ‘regular homeowner’ stock rather than someone preparing for the end of times in advance, with a nuclear shelter in your back garden. As far as that’s concerned, you may find privacy in the following efforts:

Shades & Blinds

High-quality custom shades can provide you with the means of affording yourself privacy whenever and wherever you need it, no matter if that’s in an awkwardly-shaped and placed bathroom window, or simply to keep the light in your bedroom without your neighbor seeing in at the most inopportune of times. If you’re looking for something different, blinds can often help you keep natural light in also, although they may not offer quite as much privacy as the former option.

For the nominal fee and possibility of a real aesthetic upgrade, you may find yourself better approximating a gorgeous room through your privacy efforts. Whatever helps you feel more protected is worthwhile.

Windows & Doors

It can also be that sometimes, windows and doors provide us with a unique challenge of privacy. For instance, you may find that your back door leading into your apartment is entirely open as a window, and while this lets natural sunlight into your kitchen, in a busy town environment this does nothing to help you feel secure. For that reason, having this replaced, or using additional covering elements as emphasized can be important. Additionally, you may find that front doors with stenciled or opened glass designs can be replaced to afford your living area or foyer a more relaxed aura, as no one likes to think people can seem them through the door, or can check to see if anyone is home. To this degree, you’ll be making an important and oft-ignored effort to chase good privacy standards.

Garden Fencing

Garden fencing can also be a great means in which to secure your external environment. No one likes to be watched when swimming in their outdoor pool, or when gardening, or when sunbathing. Additionally, it can be nice to feel protected in this environment. For instance, if your back garden leads onto a ginnel where other back gardens are located, ensuring you are rarely seen can be a nice breath of fresh air, even if you just want to do a few outdoor exercises there each day. This can also double up as a safety measure, as stray dogs or animals and random trespassers will find it harder to make their way onto your property limits. For most people, this can feel like a true sense of privacy.

Of course, you can also use different aesthetic elements if you feel that six-foot-high wooden fencing is a little too much. Installing some hedges or a new treeline can be a nice, natural means in which to grant your property some defense, even if they can be harder to curate in shape and in perfect privacy form. Whatever works for you, works for us.

Protective Elements

Protective elements to deter people can also be a worthwhile means of finding privacy. For instance, setting up your landline and mobile phone with an easy answering machine message can help you avoid calls when you’re not in the mood. A ‘beware of the dog sign,’ even if you have a tiny King Charles Spaniel, can also work wonders in deterring people from coming to your front door if not invited.


With this advice, we hope you can better improve your home privacy day and night. After all, you deserve to feel safe and secure in your own home, and privacy is a huge factor in how protected you feel.


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