Revamp The Outside Of Your Home In 3 Easy Steps

Warm and welcoming! You’ve probably put a lot of time and effort into making the inside of your home like this, but in doing so are you neglecting the outside of your home? Sadly, many of the most comfortable and pleasant homes I’ve visited just don’t reflect that in their outside facade. This is a real shame too, not only because they present the wrong impression to visitors, but when you decide to try and sell, it can really put off potential buyers as well. Fortunately, it’s not so difficult to renovate the outside of your home. In fact, you can do it in the three simple steps that you will find below.

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The exterior of your home may not be the most glamorous feature to attend to, but if outside walls aren’t in good condition they will bring down the aesthetic of your home. To that end, if you have painted walls that are chipping and flaking, spend some time and energy removing the old layers and then paint a nice new fresh one.  Another alternative, which works particularly well for stone homes, is sandblasting. This is where the top dirty layer of the brick or stone is removed, revealing a layer that looks clean and new below, all without stripping any of the original features or character from the building.

Lastly, there is a more costly option, which is to replace the siding that you have on the outer walls of your home.  This upgrade can give you an entirely fresh and new look almost instantaneously, and is very effective.  We all like to save money, but when replacing your siding,  it’s best to find a siding contractor, like Siding & Windows Group that specialize in this area. Then you will be able to get exactly the right look, fitted perfectly to make your home shine.


The door is the focal point of the outside of your home, and that means it’s worth investing in one that looks good. It’s also worth it to remember that door styles change reasonably quickly, and even one that is in good condition, but is starting to look dated can bring down the style credentials of your home.

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It’s important to choose a front door not just for its functionality and security features, but for its aesthetics as well. In particular, picking a door that matches the style and type of your home is vital, so a sliding glass door in a mid-century property, will look better than heavy oak in a Victorian style home, and visa-versa.

Steps, Paths & Driveways

Many people forget that when it comes to revamping the outside of their home,  the look of the paths, driveways, and even steps can help to contribute to the overall design. Of course, if these features of your home are looking shabby, it can be well worth the investment to replace them. If you’re familiar with DIY projects, replacing your driveway or stairs is something that you may even wish to have a go at doing yourself.


If you don’t want to replace your driveways and walkways,  it’s always wise to do a power wash beforehand as this can brighten up the surfaces, and remove staining from parked cars, foot traffic, and nature.

Taking the time to revamp your home’s exterior doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but the payoff is worth it in the end!



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