Saving Space in a Small Guest Room

There are so many advantages to having a guest room at home. It means that family can visit from all areas of the country without having to worry about getting a hotel, which in turn maximizes the amount of time that you can spend with them. A guest room means that if your friend has too much wine with dinner, they can stay over. You can even rent it out or put it on airbnb if you need to earn a little cash or offer it out to a more permanent lodger. When you’ve got a made up and ready to go guest room, you’ve got options. 

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have wonderfully massive spare bedrooms to offer up. Most spare rooms are very small. Sometimes so small that you might wonder if it’s worth turning into a guest room at all. You might be thinking that it’ll never be more than a storage space. Fear not, there’s an awful lot that you can do with a tiny bedroom. Here are some ideas to help you save, and make the most of the space if you want to turn a small bedroom into a compact and inviting guest room.

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Add a Sliding Door

Opening and closing doors take up such a lot of space. If your guest room is very small, a wide door opening might mean that you can’t fit a full-sized bed in, or that people have to be stood in frightfully specific spaces to be able to open and use the door. Sliding or glass barn doors are the perfect alternative. Adding sliding doors to the door frame, wardrobes and even cupboards can save a lot of space, without losing practicality.

Add Clever Storage

Your guests might need some storage, but unless they are staying for a long time, probably not too much. If you can offer them a chest of drawers or a small wardrobe, that is fantastic. But, they don’t necessarily need both or a bedside table. Add shelves to the walls, and perhaps a small shelf by the bed for their essentials. Keep other supplies for the room under the bed, and add hooks to the backs of doors.

Make the Bed a Feature

Pushing the bed up against the wall can create the illusion of more space, but it won’t actually create more space. Instead, putting the bed in the center of the room can help to make it a feature. Giving the room purpose and style. It also frees up the walls for floating shelves and decoration.

Add Mirrors and Glass

Mirrors, glass and other reflective surfaces are ideal when it comes to creating the appearance of more space. They can help a room to feel more substantial and more peaceful. Helping your guests to relax and giving them a comfortable space.

Keep it Light

If you’ve got a small room, using dark colors can make it feel closed and claustrophobic. Keep the walls, and furniture light and the look will feel more spacious.


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