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Moving into a new home can be fraught with difficulties. One of those issues that could crop up is all to do with the size of the rooms. Once you move all your stuff in and get your furniture in position, you might find that the rooms don’t feel quite as big as you had thought they would. This could make your new home feel fairly cramped and small. You might even have this problem in your home even if you’ve lived there for a few years already. As you amass a lot of stuff, and bring more belongings into your home, you will be pushed for space, and might feel like you could do with a lot more room.


There are a few ways to help your home feel bigger, though. Read on to find out more.

Add Larger Windows

If you only have some small windows in your home, it’s worth getting them replaced with some larger ones. The larger your windows are, the more natural light will flood into your rooms. All of that natural light will open up the space and make it feel very roomy. Bay windows are especially great at this, as they take up most of the wall. You’ll be able to see more types of windows by checking a home window replacement firm’s website. This isn’t as big a job as you might think, and most firms can switch your windows in a couple of days.


Be Storage Savvy

Once you start to gather a lot of clutter in your home, you might realize just how much space it takes up! You should clear all your clutter away into storage units as soon as you can. However, all those extra storage units that you might need will also take up some room in your home. One way around this is to use smart storage, such as drawers under beds and built underneath window units. By hiding your storage in this way, you won’t take up too much space in each room.

Add Some Mirrors

One other great tips is to hang some mirrors onto the walls in all your rooms. Windows can help create the illusion of space, and this is especially effective if the windows are placed directly opposite windows. All of the natural light that shines onto them will be reflected around the room, and help to make the room feel very light and airy.

Move Furniture Away From The Wall

Most of us automatically place most large items of furniture, such as sofas, armchairs, and TV stands directly against the wall. This isn’t a good interior design strategy as it can make the walls feel a bit drawn in. Instead, you need to leave some space between the sofa and wall, as this will make the room look a lot more open.

Once you start to use a few of these fantastic tips in your own home, you can start to enjoy the illusion of space that you create.


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