Storm Protection For Your Garden

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Gardens are perfectly fine in most types of weather. After all, all of those plants and flowers would be fine outside in nature. However, there is one type of weather that can prove to be dangerous to your whole garden, from the plants and wildlife in it to all the furniture that you might have accumulated over the years.

But if you want your garden to continue looking its best for years to come, you will need to ensure that it can stand up to the strongest stormy weather that could hit it. Do you think that your outdoor areas could do with some reinforcements? Here are some tips that will help your garden survive, no matter how bad all the thunder and lightning get!

Keep Trees And Hedges Trimmed

It’s always important to keep your trees, hedges, and large shrubs trimmed back. This can often help to encourage growth, especially when it comes to berry and fruit bushes and trees. But this can also come in useful next time a storm hits. Ideally, you should get your trees trimmed by a gardening firm that offers tree trimming services so that you can be happy that the branches are short enough and won’t break off in a storm. In the event that they do snap off in strong winds, then they could smash through the windows of your property.

storm protection for your gardenSource

Secure Garden Furniture

If you know that there is a storm coming in a few days’ time, you should secure all of your garden furniture so that it doesn’t blow about in the winds. Most garden furniture will come with cables or rope that you can use to tie it to your patio or decking. Even better than securing the furniture is to take it inside to store it. If you have a shed or conservatory, you could always leave it in there well out of the way of the wind.

Add A Shed Or Greenhouse

I’ve already mentioned that a garden shed, conservatory, or greenhouse can be extremely good for all your storage needs. But as well as keeping your garden furniture safe, it can also be a great place to safely store any delicate plants or flowers that you might have in your garden. Any plants that are already in pots can be quickly moved into your shed at any given moment. However, if you have any delicate plants and flowers that are planted outside, it could be worth digging them up and temporarily moving them into the shed.

storm protection for your garden


Stain Wooden Decking And Furniture

When it comes to any wood that is going to be left outside in the storm, such as decking and large items of furniture, then you will need to stain them with a good quality wood stain. This will prevent the wood from rotting prematurely in the rain.

Keeping your garden safe in bad storms isn’t that difficult. As long as you follow all of the tips above, it should be fine once the better weather comes back!



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