The Only Guide You Need To Make Your Home A Haven

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Making your home a haven is something that anybody can do with the right know how. A haven is a place of safety or refuge, and that’s exactly what your home should be too you. You want to feel safe, and like you can retreat from the outside world at any moment. Here are some pointers that can be used to make a serene home:

Avoid Using Too Much Tech

Using a lot of technology, and especially having it in almost every room in the house can be dangerous. Not only can you be tempted to watch TV while you’re in bed (very bad for your sleeping pattern), you will find that you’re more stressed out. The lights can stop you from sleeping and relaxing even when they are just on standby.  It’s almost as if just having electronics around makes people more stressed. Try to stick to just having tech in your living area, for example. Keep it out of rooms like your bedroom and have a room that you can relax in entirely free of technology.

Use Colors That Make You Feel Relaxed

Make sure you’re using colors in the home that make you feel relaxed. You can find out the mood of colors online, but it’s pretty easy to guess which ones make you feel relaxed and which don’t. Neutral colors can be good, but blues and greens are often associated with nature, which makes them relaxing, and the perfect hue choices for a serene home. 

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Include Plenty Of Texture

Texture will make your home feel more cozy, so use plenty of it as you decorate. Add more throws and cushions if you haven’t got all that much texture already. The more texture you tend to have, the more cozy your home feels. Just remember that too much texture can also be a bad thing, and it can trap dirt and dust if you don’t keep it clean enough.

Bring The Outdoors Inside

Bring the outdoors inside by introducing plants and flowers. Science has proven that just looking at plants and flowers can have a positive impact on the brain. Plus, they bring natural beauty to your decor that you just can’t incorporate with any other accessory! Try using ferns, peace lilies, or other broad leaf plants to contribute to the serene home effect. 

Keep On Top Of Your Maintenance Schedule

Don’t kill yourself trying to keep things clean, but do have a maintenance schedule that you can stick to to keep things in working order. Make sure you get familiar with DIY, and have a list of the best plumbers and other people that can help you in your phone book should you need them. If you stay on top of your schedule, you’ll spend less time and money in the long run.

Carve Out Some Space For What You Really Care About

Make sure you have a space in your home to practice the things you really care about, whether that’s reading a good book or drawing. Create your own little area that’s especially for doing this, even if it’s just the corner of a room.


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