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Windows are such an important part of any home because not only do they let natural light find it’s way in and make everything look more open and airy, but they also add character to the home and help to make the facade look even more amazing too. That’s why it’s so important that we take good care of our windows and give them the right kind of treatment to suit the space.

Window treatments finish off the room, but they do much more than that – they add color and style, they block out excess light, keep the temperature of the room as warm or as cool as you like and ensure that you can enjoy any room in total comfort.

So, yes windows and window treatments are very important, and if you haven’t already, you should spend some time on taking care of yours. Here are some tips that will help you to do that effectively:

Inspect Your Windows

Before you even think about improving your windows with curtains or blinds, it’s important that you ascertain the quality of your current windows. After all, there’s no point investing in a pretty window treatment if the frames are rotting and there’s lots of air leaking in. So, goa round your windows, inspecting them visually for any signs of decay. Ideally, you should also take along a candle and place it in front of each window, if it flickers significantly it’s a sure sign the seal has been broken and you’ll need to apply new caulking, If your windows are in really bad shape, having Renewal by Andersen fit you a new set that looks the part will also be helpful. Other than that, cleaning the panes would be very beneficial. Now on to the treatments…

Paint Them Pretty

If you’re on a tight budget or you prefer a more minimalist style of home decor, but you still want your windows to look their best, one thing you can do is to paint them a pretty color. As long as you have a steady hand and some DIY tape to ensure that you create nice clean lines around the windows, boxing them in with pretty pinks, blues, lavenders or greens will create a surprisingly sophisticated look.

Wood Cornices Create a Classic Look

If you’re looking to dress your windows in a classic, lasting style that will instantly elevate your home to new levels of sophistication, look no further than wood cornices. Often overlooked because they are far more traditional than other treatments, they are surprisingly sleek and can look even more modern than the alternatives, while also being classic at the same time. They can be used alone or paired with a nice set of curtains depending on your preferences and you can paint or stain them in a wide range of colors to match your taste. Although you can buy them and instal them yourself, it’s usually a better idea to hire a carpenter from Meet a Carpenter, who can make you a custom solution that fits like a glove and which will remain in place come what may. It’ll look amazing

Swing Arm Curtains are Unusual

Swing arm curtains are a great choice because they are pretty unique as far as window treatments go. Although they have somewhat fallen out of popularity in the US of late, you can guarantee that guests will be blown away by them if you’re bold enough to include them in your home. You’ll need a fairly high, hinged curtain rod that is able to stand out at a 90 degrees to use them, but once they’re up, they’ll look fantastic, and as a bonus, they’re really great at blocking out sunlight on those really hot and sunny days.

Sheer Panels are Pretty

Sheer panels are amongst the most popular window treatments and that is not surprising in the least because they work well in any room, they’re affordable and they diffuse the light in the most pleasing way. Sheer panels are almost ethereal in style, and despite having very little substance, they make an amazing impact on your windows. If you want yours to stand out, instead of going for the standard whites and creams, choose a bold primary or a pretty pastel color instead.

Shutters are Functional and Attractive

Using plantation style shutters to decorate your windows is an excellent idea if you want to have more substance in the area, and if you want to have better control over the amount of heat/sunlight you get. Made from beautiful natural woods and often featuring pretty intricate patterns, they look good, block out the light and keep the home cool when you want them to – what more could you want?

How have you treated your windows?


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