3 Simple Home Hacks To Free Up Time

You know that your family comes first, it can just be so hard at times to find the time to actually make sure that they know this, that they feel it. You have no doubt put the hours into working out how you can be around more for them, concentrated on all of the ways that you can best look after your finances and make everything run smoothly in your household. It’s a struggle, we know, and families all over America are finding the same thing. There just aren’t enough hours in the day! Which is where we come in, as today we want to share with you 3 simple home hacks to free up time. 

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Speed up the laundry

Anyone with a family knows how much laundry can take over. First up, you need to encourage everyone to gather their own laundry and put it into one central spot for you. This is one of the simple home hacks that can be so effective.

Now you must stay on top of it. Little and often will feel like less of a chore. You will be more efficient this way, saving yourself time, and you will put it all away in one go rather than leaving it in a pile, getting creased all over again.

You could also then think about the ways that you could cut down on your laundry. Would sheets under duvet covers work and mean that you wash flat sheets more often than entire duvet covers? Perhaps look into getting some undershirts for women as they will be protecting your clothing and you need not throw your blouses in the wash so must, as ironing these takes much longer than just washing the undershirts. 

Meal Planning

At first glance, this one looks as though it will take you longer, not free up time. But bear with us, as after a week or two, you will wonder why you didn’t try this simple home hack sooner.

You will need to take the time to make a meal plan for the week ahead, taking into account everyone’s plans. Then you can think about what you will all be eating each day. Write it all down and this will form your grocery shopping list. Just buy what you need and you will be saving money and reducing waste too. 

This will save you time as you have then got a concise grocery list which should stop any prevaricating in the shopping aisle, and each day you need not rummage through the freezer and flick through recipe books, you will know exactly what you are making and will get on with it. 

Batch up your errands

How many times a week do you need to go and run errands? The thing is, we often think these are not taking up much time, but once you add in the journey time and getting ready to go out, you will find that they do take a chunk of your day up. 

We would recommend that you batch up your errands all in one go. So gas up the car, pop to the store, drop that parcel off and pick up the pet food all in one outing. You will feel super efficient and it will definitely save you time. 

What are some of your easy home hacks that streamline your routine? Share in the comments!


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