4 Things You Don’t Realize Are Ruining Your Skin

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As a woman, taking care of your skin can feel like it’s a full-time job. Whether it’s constantly applying lotion or going the extra mile and donning a face mask, you’ll do anything to get your skin to sparkle. After all, it’s the largest organ on your body and out in the open for everybody to see. So, it’s a little scary to realize thereRead Now

My (Modified) 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine

10 Step Korean Skincare

Hi Socialites! If you’ve googled skincare or any particular skin concern over the past few years, no doubt you’ve heard about the 10 Step Korean Skincare routine that promises its devotees glass skin: Skin that’s blemish/wrinkle free, and so dewy smooth that it resembles glass! K-beauty has been all the rage lately, because each step in the regimen provides an essential benefit to the skinRead Now

Skincare Made Easy At Publix!

Olay at Publix

Hi socialites! I don’t know about y’all, but I love when I’m able to shop for all of my health and beauty essentials in one location. I’ve shared before that Publix is my go-to for fresh food, prescription refills, and all things beauty! Now that it’s almost summer, I’m focusing on protecting my skin from harsh sun rays and damaging heat. All skin types needRead Now

The Sephora VIB Sale: Last Minute Purchases!

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Sephora VIB Sale

Hey Socialites!  It’s that time of year again: The Sephora VIB Sale! I always get so excited for this semi annual sale, because I can stock up on all of the skincare and beauty items I need to get through the summer without spending an arm and a leg. The Sephora VIB Spring Bonus sale ends on 5/6/2019, but there’s still plenty of time toRead Now

Instantly Improve Your Complexion

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Hey Socialites! What’s new? Ya’ll have been asking me so many questions about skincare lately, and I am loving it!  I’m not beauty guru, but when it comes to creating a skincare routine, I got ya’ll covered! From what I’ve read in my messages,  most of us would like to have a perfectly clear, bright and radiant complexion, but many of us do not knowRead Now

Patchology: The Solution For Dark Under Eye Circles!

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Hey Socialites! I’m just going to cut right to the chase: I have found a HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT for my dark circles, and it 100000% works!!! Patchology FlashPatch Illuminating Eye Gels are a Godsend! 🙏🏽 I’ve had dark circles under my eyes since childhood, which means that mine are obviously not a result of lack of sleep, or too much/too little caffeine! Mine are theRead Now

Give Dry Winter Skin The Boot!

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Hey Socialites! For those of you who have been following me for a while, you’ve seen where I’ve shared my 3 major skin woes: Dullness, dryness, and fine lines.  I have combination skin (oily in the T-zone, and dry on my cheeks), and during the winter, I get little circular patches of dry skin on my cheeks, and around my mouth. If I don’t keepRead Now

Beauty Regimes & Busy Lives: Exploring The Simple Solution

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Pixabay (CC0 Licence) Indulging in a beauty regime is inherently relaxing, providing you with the time to sit back, focus on your own needs, and forget the outside world for a while. Whether it’s carefully shaving your legs, getting your mascara application just right, applying a face mask, or sitting with your hair in a turban while a deep-conditioning treatment does its work, a littleRead Now

Skincare Tips For Specific Skin Types

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Your skin care routine should be based on the type of skin you have. This is important to ensure that the method you follow is effective. The first thing you need to do is determine what type of skin you have. Once you have done this you can then decipher what kind of skin care methods are going to be the best for you specifically.Read Now

Lighten Dark Lips Easily and Safely At Home!

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Hi Socialites! Today, I want to pay a little lip service to an issue I (and probably many of you) have dealt with: dark lips! 😱 About a month ago, I was reviewing a couple of shots from my latest photoshoot, and I noticed how dark, dull, and unsightly my lips looked. I normally wear lip color, but had decided to stick to a clearRead Now