Smile Brilliant cariPRO Toothbrush Review & Giveaway!

Smile Brilliant

Toothbrushes. We all need ’em, we all gotta use ’em. Seeing as how I love putting my money to good use (clothes and shoes, duh! 😉), I’d never really considered spending money on oral care needs outside of dental office co-pays and the random $4 toothbrush I’d throw in my cart every 6 months or so. I can admit I make mistakes, and after tryingRead Now

Winter Beauty Favorites + Giveaway!

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Hey Socialites! I try to do a beauty post on a weekly basis, but life has been hitting me pretty hard, and I got a bit behind. Mea Culpa!  Anyhoo, I wanted to do a complete round-up of ALL the beauty products I use to get me through the winter. I cannot stress the importance of taking care of your body from head to toeRead Now

Formulate: My Secret For Gorgeous & Pampered Hair


Y’all know that I’m a Southern Belle at heart, so I know for a fact that anything made from scratch is just better! Now I know easy fixes will do in a pinch, but sometimes you just gotta put some work and love into mixing up a good batch of anything whether it’s a cake, homemade body butters, or…hair products! I got a chance toRead Now

At Home Teeth Whitening for Coffee Stains

at home teeth whitening for coffee stains

…You’ll find that life is still worthwhile if you just smile… -Charlie Chaplin Hi Socialites! I am sooo excited to share today’s post with all of you! I have discovered the holy grail product in my quest to blinding white teeth: Smile Brilliant! Before I get into how amazing this teeth whitening system truly is, maybe it’s best if I start from the beginning… I’veRead Now

My Favorite Winter Perfume + Holiday Giveaway!


Hi Socialites! I’d like to start this post by thanking each and every one of my readers for sharing their thoughts and opinions on my Holiday Budget post! I’m glad that I was able to help some on their quest to keep their pockets semi-full this holiday season, and I myself will be using some of the tips that were shared in the comments! MyRead Now