How Can You Help A Spouse Face Their Mental Health Demons?

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There’s no denying that part of your commitment to marrying someone means that you’re willing to support them through the good times and the bad ones. But what happens if a spouse seems to go through more bad times than good? Have you found that, over the years, their mental health has significantly declined and has reached the point where it is impacting your marriageRead Now

Our Journey With Multiple Sclerosis


When my husband Raymond and I got married in 2011, we were just like every other couple: Caught up in the joy of our fairy tale wedding day, excited to embark on our God destined lifetime together, and ready to take on the world hand in hand! We had planned for everything…we had jobs, a 5 year plan, and even a little money stashed awayRead Now

Wedding Day Makeup & Beauty

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Every girl looks forward to getting dressed up for a wedding: Particularly if it’s her own!  However, with busy lifestyles we often leave things to the last minute, and unfortunately, looking your best for your big day can’t all come together at the last minute. I’m sharing a number of pointers to help you get prepared for your big day, as preparation really is key. Read Now