4 Things You Don’t Realize Are Ruining Your Skin

As a woman, taking care of your skin can feel like it’s a full-time job. Whether it’s constantly applying lotion or going the extra mile and donning a face mask, you’ll do anything to get your skin to sparkle. After all, it’s the largest organ on your body and out in the open for everybody to see. So, it’s a little scary to realize there are things that are impacting your skin without your knowledge. In your head, there’s nothing wrong with sleeping face down on your pillow or avoiding SPF, yet in reality, they can have a big impact on your appearance.

Thankfully, this post has got your back. Underneath, you’ll find four of the most surprising factors that cause skin damage and how to avoid them in the future. All you need to do is carry on reading and absorb the information like your skin soaks in moisturizer!

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Skipping SPF

In the summer, you’re happy to lather your skin in sun lotion and let the SPF do its job. Let’s face it – it’s irresponsible to step out into the street and let the sun’s rays turn you into a slab of meat. Plus, the fact that its hot means it’s easier to remember to protect yourself when you’re out and about.

The problem occurs when it’s cloudy or cooler. The clouds make it seem as if there isn’t any UV light breaking through, while the breeze cools the skin and lulls you into a false sense of security. When it’s sunny, whether there is cloud cover or not, there is UV in the atmosphere. It’s not as intense, yet it’s enough to cause cell damage, especially if you’re all-natural.

The same applies to winter and autumn. A savvy move is to use a lotion with SPF so that you always have a base level of protection. And contrary to popular belief, even dark skins need an SPF protection of at least 15!

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Air Pollution

You know about the chemicals inside your body, such as cigarette smoke, but what about the pollutants on the outside? How do they impact your skin? Not in a good way, according to Garnier USA and multiple studies that highlight the same result.

In short, high exposure to pollution found in towns and cities across the country lead to ailments that include inflammation, allergic reactions, and skin aging. All three are unhealthy, but the latter will grab your attention the most since lines and wrinkles are unappealing. Plus, there isn’t much you can do as the chemicals are in the air.

One option is to limit your exposure as much as possible. This means staying indoors and avoiding going outside unnecessarily. Also, you can wear layers of clothing to protect your skin, as well as a face mask that covers your mouth and nose. Lastly, you can try special lotions that are designed to fight oxidants and keep free radicals in line.

Pesky Pests

When you think about your skin, insects don’t spring to mind. Mostly, animals are cute and cuddly, and people want them around. However, some pests are actively attracted by your skin and encourage them to bite and feed. Yes, that means mosquitoes!

If you fail to deal with the problem, those “handful” of mosquitoes will continue to attack your skin, leaving you with red rashes and itchy pimples. Swatting them away isn’t going to cut it, which is why the Mosquito Authority recommends professional treatments. The same goes for bed bugs and ants as their bites are very annoying.

Always watch out for the telltale signs – red, blotchy patches of skin – so that you can react and fight back to ensure your skin doesn’t resemble a pin cushion!

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Sleeping On Your Side & Front

Rest is a vital component of healthy skin as your body makes repairs when you’re asleep. If you wake up too early, you’ll cut the process short. Still, it’s not all about getting comfy and dropping off. You also must position yourself correctly.

Sleeping on your side or front may feel nice, yet it creates lines and creases as your skin is smushed into the cushion. Although they fade, they may stay in place if you continue to sleep in the same position every night. As a rule, it’s better for your skin if you sleep on your back so that your head takes the brunt of the pressure.

If that isn’t an option, try a different material. Memory foam and latex mold to your face, but the latter has extra spring, so the lines shouldn’t be as noticeable.

Silk or Satin pillowcases help to protect moisture levels in skin and prevent wrinkles!

Did you recognize any of these damaging habits?


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  1. Thank you for sharing! I’m into swimming and have acne. And it seems like my skin gets worse right after swimming. Can swimming in chlorinated water provoke new pimples?
    I have heard that salt water pools are better for people with skin diseases. Is that the case?

  2. Thank you for reminding us how important it is to use sunscreen every day, even when it’s winter outside or it’s quite cloudy. Sun exposure is bad for the skin and causes wrinkles, age spots, and even skin cancer.
    It should especially not be neglected if you have any scars on your face, for example, after plastic surgery or post-acne. According to this source https://yarishmd.com/does-a-facelift-leave-scars-if-so-how-visible/, UV rays can damage them and make them more visible.

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