5 Tips for Keeping Style and Comfort in Mind When You’re Behind The Wheel

Whether you’re visiting friends, heading to college or you want to discover more of this great country, there’s nothing more cathartic than hitting the open road and leaving your everyday life behind in the rearview mirror.
Traveling a long distance in your car can certainly take its toll. Long hours concentrating behind the wheel can leave us feeling tired and uncomfortable. And the unpredictable changes in temperature make staying comfy and looking good whilst driving, incredibly challenging. So, how many outfits do you need and what type of clothes should you wear?
Read on for 5 tips for keeping style and comfort in mind when you’re behind the wheel.

The right shoes

Wearing the right shoes when you’re driving is paramount. Not only will your feet be comfortable for your long journey, but you’ll also be in better control of your car. A large number of road collisions are caused every year by drivers who don’t have full control of their vehicle, with poor footwear being one of the biggest problems. Losing control of your vehicle could mean crashing into someone else, or not being able to react in time to apply pressure to the pedals. If you find yourself in a car accident that could have been avoided, locate a Tampa car accident attorney as soon as possible.
A simple, yet stylish pair of flat shoes are the perfect solution. It’s always a good idea to have a pair of ballet pumps in your vehicle, so you can quickly change into them when you get behind the wheel.

Consider an “up-do”

It’s incredibly dangerous to be distracted behind the wheel, so the last thing you want is to be pushing your hair out of your face and having it prickle your neck if it suddenly becomes hot. Pulling your hair into a messy bun style is a timeless option. Or consider using a cute headband or wrap to complement your look.

Leggings over denim

We all have a pair of jeans that make us look and feel incredible, however, if you’re traveling long distance you might want to swap your trusty denim for some forgiving and ultimately comfortable leggings. The good news about leggings is that they can be paired with just about anything. They’re light and breathable and soft on your skin too.

Bring your favorite tote

A small handbag or your favorite clutch simply won’t suffice. So, bringing along your favorite tote is the most stylish and practical option. In it, you can store all your travel necessities such as your purse, cards, tech, snacks, sunglasses and sun protection, as well as your makeup – keep them all within arms reach.

And finally, your favorite jacket

Just stopping to get some lunch and throwing on your favorite jacket as you step out of the car will give you confidence whilst adding a touch of glam to anything underneath. Denim, suede, leather or synthetic, don’t leave home without your favorite piece of outerwear.




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