5 Tips for Staying Safe when Exploring a New City

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Exploring a new city is one of the best things about traveling. Places like New York and Tokyo are full of life because of how busy they are. These days, cities are also pretty dangerous.

Stay Somewhere You Know is Safe

The simplest thing you can do to stay safe in a new city is to book the best accommodation you can afford. Hotels aren’t too expensive, and you don’t need to be in the best suite. Reliable chains such as the Sheraton Boston Hotel offer everything you need to set up camp while you’re off learning the rich heritage of the Cradle of Liberty. Well-known hotels like this offer safes for valuables and 24/7 security and are located in safe areas popular with tourists such as yourself.

Stick to Tourist Spots

When looking around a city, it’s best for tourists like you to stick to the well-known tourist spots. Even the nicest cities have a lot of bad people living there. And people think it’s fair that lions hunt tourists like gazelles. You can find out where you should and shouldn’t go by doing a quick Google search for “worst places in…” For example, the city center of Liverpool in the UK is pretty safe. But the areas on the edges have a lot of crime, mostly because of drugs misuse.

Secure Your Valuables when Exploring a New City

In cities, one thing thieves look for is people who don’t pay attention to their valuables. Most of the time, these are laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Leaving these alone or out in the open is a massive travel mistake. For example, the theft of electronics in London has gotten so bad that the Metropolitan Police have set up a special team to deal with it. So always keep them in a safe bag that you can’t see, and if you can, use software that can track them if they are stolen.

Stay Off Social Media

Most criminals can barely write their own names. But when it comes to illegal things, their brains start working, and all of a sudden, they’re geniuses. Even though they’re not the smartest people you’ll meet, they’re usually good at what they do. And once you are a target, this includes cyberstalking. Criminals today have many ways to find out who you are once they know you have something of value. So don’t use social media sites they can use to track you.

Use Your Common Sense

There are a few things you should know when exploring. And this is not just about crime. Laws can be just as bad as people. In Dubai, for example, you can get in trouble if you use a VPN. And often, the local police don’t care much about people from other countries, like in Thailand. So they won’t go out of their way to help. So, when you’re out, use your common sense. Find out what the local laws are, don’t go down alleys, and use your “spidey sense.”

You need to look after yourself when exploring a new city. Basic safety includes booking reputable accommodations, securing valuable devices, and making good decisions.


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