7 Reasons Why the Labrador Retriever Is an Amazing Dog!

All dog breeds have their pros and cons. Some are great with kids; some don’t shed and might even be hypoallergenic; some are excellent guard dogs; and some are just as laid back as can be. The Labrador Retriever is one dog that truly stands out!
Known for being friendly, great with kids, and easy to train, the Labrador Retriever has an excellent reputation with many positive qualities. It has so many, in fact, that it is one of the most popular dog breeds out there. Here’s why:

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Family-Friendly Pet

Seeing as how the Labrador Retriever is such a playful, friendly, fun-loving, easy-going dog, they make a great addition to a family with kids. Some breeds like their space or get irritable with little kids around who unceasingly chase, pull, and rough-play with them. Not the Labrador Retriever.

They basically have the personality and playfulness of little kids themselves, so will be happy to play whenever you’re ready to do so. Labs will be your best buddy anytime you want them to be and make for a great furry pal for your kids. Playing and frolicking is the name of the game with your Lab baby, and they’ll be happy to keep up with your kids any day.

Easy to Train

Labrador Retrievers were bred to retrieve things and carry them back to their handlers. This is also why they make such great hunting dogs. Because the Lab is so intelligent and also eager-to-please, they make training a much easier process.

With the proper instruction, your Lab can really become a top-notch dog. Companies such as Lucky Labs, provide training for your Lab along with some of the best of the best in Labrador Retriever selection. Because they’re naturally obedient and patient with good people skills, they make for excellent dogs to teach. 

Whether you’re a hunter looking for a dog with excellent retrieving skills or a simple pet owner trying to train your furry companion, you’ll find this particular breed to be a step above the rest

Fun in the Outdoors

Overall, Labrador Retrievers, as with many dogs, love being active and getting outdoors. They like walking, hiking, swimming, and even just sniffing around the yard. While they may not be the best match for someone with a sedentary lifestyle, they make a great friend for the person willing to get them outside.

For those looking for an active companion to accompany them on their outdoor activities, the Labrador Retriever may just be for you. Don’t let this intimidate you, though. The Lab does great in the house as well, and prefers being an inside dog any day.

Just make sure that you watch their weight. Obesity is a common health problem with the Lab, so you’ll want to make sure that they’re staying active regularly and not overdoing it with the treats.  

Super-Friendly Around People

One of the reasons that the Labrador makes for such a good family dog is because of its sociable personality. This is also why it makes it such a people-friendly dog in general. Your guests will almost always get a warm, friendly greeting from your lovable Lab along with passersby while you’re out and about.

Your Lab will love all of this attention and will absolutely soak it up. If anything, you may need to train your Lab to calm down a little bit when visitors are around. They would love more than anything to be your new best friend and will gladly be buddies with anyone.

Excellent Service Dogs

The Labrador has historically taken on the job of the service dog, and one of the biggest roles that it’s had is being an assistant for the disabled. They can be trained as a seeing eye dog for a blind person and also be taught to perform a variety of tasks.

Some of the amazing tasks that Labs are trained to do include: picking up hard-to-reach objects, getting the mail, unloading the washing machine, and pressing the button at a crosswalk. They also aid hearing-impaired individuals with their daily needs.

Labs make excellent service dogs because of their intelligent, amicable, and ready-to-learn nature and are able to help others live happier, more independent lives.

The Labrador Retriever Can Comfort Those with PTSD

For all of the numerous reasons listed in this article, Labrador Retrievers provide immense value for individuals suffering from PTSD. With their kindhearted nature and ability to be unconditionally loving, it’s no wonder that these gentle creatures work so well with people who have PTSD.

According to Military Times, service dogs have been trained to perform tasks such as “creating a buffer in public places, waking a veteran from a nightmare, or lying on the chest of someone having a panic attack until the person calms down.”

Labs have such a loving nature about them that it’s no wonder they can be of service to people who are in distress.

Beneficial to Law Enforcement

The demand for law enforcement dogs has increased more and more in recent years. With its great nose and excellent hunting skills, Labrador Retrievers provide detection services that are essential in dangerous situations.

Labs are being used to sniff out narcotics, explosives, and even people. Even though the ability to detect smells is common among all dog breeds, Labradors were bred for such endeavors.

According to Wag!, “A Lab’s high energy level makes him an excellent dog for the police. His need to exercise, hunt, and be mentally stimulated are all satisfied when he trains with police. His hunting skill that at one point in time might have been used to grab that duck is now used to find illegal drugs or weapons.”

There are many good reasons why the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in America. They’re all-around good-natured dogs that are excellent for service work, hunting, or just being an unconditionally loving companion.

Their kind and gentle personalities make them excellent family dogs and loyal friends. They adapt easily and will be happy to do whatever you need them to do with a little guidance and training. Just remember to keep them active and give them plenty of love, and they’ll be your best friend forever.


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