A Beautiful Night Out With The Girls

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We all know that having a fun Friday or Saturday night can be perfectly possible without alcohol. Yet when it comes time to decide how to relax and enjoy a weekend with our friends, this will often be the first suggestion. “How about we check out that new bar?” or “first round of cocktails is on me!” are statements and suggestions you will hear with frequency. But is this not quite a sad state of affairs? Might it be that heading out on a beautiful night with the girls could be achieved without a drop passing your lips? Of course, we’re not here to make a health-focused or moral argument as to why this is superior. You don’t need to hear that, you likely know all points that could be raised. Instead, we’re going to suggest activities and plans that might help you have more fun, connect with your friendship group more deeply and learn things about them. Here are some suggestions, primarily focused towards helping you smile ear to ear this weekend:


Heading on a night out on Broadway can be a phenomenal thing for you to experience. It can laden you with hilarity, excitement, and an exploration of attitudes and the absorption of a great story. It can also provide you with shower singing material for the next three months at least. You’ll be finding ways to bring up ‘my favorite Broadway show’ at the office water cooler any opportunity you get, and if you haven’t already a taste for theater, you’re sure to find it. The best part of recommending Broadway is that many people disregard and forget just how wonderful it can be, until they go. Then they realize that this is the ultimate group activity, helping you laugh, cry and be enthused together as a group.

Escape Room

If you’re looking for some really silly hilarity in which the entertainment is your cognitive function under pressure, an escape room can really help you feel excited and crazed in equal measure. Depending on the group you bring, heading to a specialist escape room and solving clues to help you out can be a very silly, laugh-until-you-snort sort of experience, and can bring you closer together with friends. It also serves as a healthy, active form of entertainment, allowing you to have worked your brain and body well on a Friday night – much more enjoyable than drinking and feeling awful the next day!

Movie Night

Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned movie night with the girls. Sitting around, ordering great takeout food and watching a hilarious comedy or a scary movie in October can feel like the ultimate stage of relaxation, helping you unwind and gossip away with your friends as the hours tick on. This can serve as an extremely inexpensive alternative to a night out, especially if you’re already a subscriber to Netflix and services like it.

With these simple suggestions, a beautiful night out (or in) with the girls can be a fruitful one.



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