A Blackpink Comeback Is On The Way!

You read it right: Blackpink is about to be in your area again with a long awaited comeback reportedly happening in June!

Blackpink Comeback
L to R: Rosé, Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa

Blinks (Blackpink’s fandom) have been without any official new music since “Kill This Love” was released last April, and fans have been parched for the group’s return! Former YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk teased a March comeback for the group during February’s World Music Awards*, but due to COVID-19, most K-Pop promotions were halted to protect the health and safety of idols and their fans. However, Blackpink revealed on Star News (May 4th) that they have been gearing up for a June comeback, and are currently in the process of shooting their music video** (I cannot WAIT for the visuals!)

* (1) **(2)

Blackpink’s Comebacks Smash Records

Blackpink does not release comebacks as often as their industry peers, but they have still managed to accrue an arsenal of hits. “Whistle”, “Boombaya” and “Playing With Fire” have all reached over 400 million YouTube Streams, with major singles like “Ddu-Ddu-Ddu-Ddu” and “Kill This Love” reaching record breaking streams (1.1 BILLION and 800+ million, respectively.) Due to the length of time Blinks have been waiting for a Blackpink Comeback, I’m fully expecting their new single to perform at the same levels.

Blackpink Comeback
These girls do not play! We can expect a Blackpink comeback to scorch the charts!

How To Prepare

My XO squad already knows that a comeback is something to be taken seriously, and a Blackpink comeback is NO exception! Blackpink comebacks are fun because the group has already provided us with endless content to stream while we await the new single! Here are my official preparation tips:

1. Stream, Stream, Stream!

Just because new music is on the horizon doesn’t mean you can’t watch old videos to bring a little of Blackpink’s fun and glamorous vibe back into your life! My favorite videos to watch are “Kill This Love”, “Whistle” , “Boombayah” and Jennie’s solo music video, aptly named “Solo”!

Once you’ve had your fill of streaming Blackpink’s music catalogue, you can log onto YouTube and watch episodes of Blackpink House, the group’s funny reality series.

2. Learn Some Choreo

I love watching dance practices videos of groups before their comebacks, because it helps to refresh me as to the group’s quality of movement and dance styles! Lisa from Blackpink is famous for her dance ability, and recently broke the internet with the 3rd addition to her Lili’s Film series. Are you able to pick up some of her moves?

3. Grab Your Merch

Due to COVID-19, most concert tours will be verboten through the remainder of the year, but that doesn’t mean you have to let your lightsticks and tour apparel collect dust! When the music video premiers, grab your BI-Ping-Bong (Blackpink’s lightstick), throw on your fave Blackpink tee and rock out in front of the TV like you’re front row and center at a stadium!

If you need to snag some Blackpink merchandise, I’ve linked some for you!?

At this time, we do not have an exact date for the reported Blackpink comeback single or video release. Keep checking back for more updates as they are released.

XO Squad! Are y’all excited for a Blackpink comeback? Drop me a comment below!


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