How To Get Started As A Vlogger!

If you’re passionate about beauty, you likely already know that YouTube channels have the power to take your passion to the next level. From Zoella to Jeffree Star, beauty vloggers are pulling in significant subscriber numbers, and big bucks to match. It’s no surprise then that many budding beauty gurus try to follow in their footsteps.  If you want to get serious about becoming a beauty vlogger, your first step is setting up a filming location!

If your love of makeup is driving you to take things further, you may feel the urge to do the same. Even if you already have an established blog, YouTube has an appeal of a different kind. After all, you don’t need to worry as much about descriptions or wording on YouTube. All you need to do is show the world what you do best, and talk about it at the same time. While that is an art in itself, those who don’t relish the written word may find this a far preferable choice.

For the most part, starting out is as simple as opening up your iPhone and pressing shoot. But, as your subscriber numbers start to soar, you’ll want to think about putting a more professional edge on things. That means getting a better camera and finding a consistent place to film. The majority of prominent beauty vloggers have a constant and attractive backdrop in their videos. And, when it comes to building a brand, you should aim to do the same.

Which begs the question of where you should film your videos. When you’re starting, it’s easy to just go ahead and set up in your bedroom or home office. This option has the benefits of being convenient, personable, and inexpensive. Another alternative could be to take your beauty vlogging further afield. Most of us have either a shed or garage space stuffed full of items we don’t need. If you clear it out, you could have a readymade vlogger studio at your fingertips. Bear in mind that, no matter what location you choose, you might want to consider the following things.

How does the space look?

Make sure to consider how this space looks. You can set up a backdrop which will cover many flaws or parts of the room you don’t wish to show. But, you still want to spend some time considering the general state of the space. If it’s a real mess, even smart positioning will struggle to hide the damage. If your garage has mold covering the ceiling, you can’t guarantee that won’t sneak into the shot. Equally, a leaking roof in your shed is sure to reveal the odd drop on camera. Deal with these issues before you start filming to ensure your audience are none the wiser. Call in professionals to get rid of the damp and don’t hesitate to get a new shed roof to get rid of that leak. As well as adding a professional touch, these steps will make your studio a much more pleasant place to be. And, that’s essential. After all, if things as a vlogger take off, this could become your full-time filming studio.

Do you need to light it up?

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Take some time, too, to consider whether you need to invest in studio lighting. There are cheap options on the market which could make a massive difference to your filming success. When filming in a home, it may be easy enough to make use of natural light from your windows. But, most sheds, garages, and outhouses are relatively limited when it comes to light. As such, you may find beauty vlogging difficult. Even if you do have a window to make use of, the chances are that it’s a small one. As such, you may have no choice but to film during a short window each time. In this instance, studio lights would make a huge difference. These can ensure you’re able to shoot well-lit videos at any time of day. They also have the benefit of meaning you don’t have to account for sudden changes in light.

Should you keep your makeup on hand?

When you’re filming in the house, it’s easy to pick up any makeup item you need without hassle. But, that’s not always the case when shooting elsewhere. What’s more, traipsing too and from your house every five minutes is a sure way to waste a lot of time. Instead, it might be worth thinking about storing the majority of your products in your filming space. Obviously, you’ll want to keep your essentials at home with you. But, you may find that you have products which are solely for video use. And, there’s no reason you can’t keep those where you film. Bear in mind that this is a workspace. As such, it’s essential you keep it clean and organized. Otherwise, your attempt to save time is sure to backfire. Instead, invest in a vanity for the purpose. You could even introduce this into your backdrop so that you get the full benefits of the purchase. Make sure you know where you store each product to save yourself time and keep things looking professional.

Can you get connected?

Good connections can make your vlogging life easier. It is crucial to figure out how to get people to view your content; this relies on the type of internet connection you access. Uploading time, editing videos, and posting consistently every day or once a week can influence your connection. It would be best to get the best internet service in the market. The cox internet plans offer access to affordable and high-speed connections.

A Reliable internet connection also enhances your ability to reply to comments when your video is premiering. This way, you get to multitask on different social media platforms while still meeting your vlogging goals. Once you schedule an upload, the risks of delays would be reduced when you have an internet connection with gigabit speeds.

Over time, you may want to use this space to upload videos and reply to subscribers. This is especially the case if you start seeing some level of success as a vlogger. In this instance, it might be worth thinking about whether you can hook up to the internet from where you are. If your garage attaches to your house, it’s possible you won’t even have to take action here. At worst, a signal booster should be all it takes to extend your connection. When it comes to sheds, things do get a little more complicated. In this instance, you may find you need to apply for planning permission to get electricity to the space. But, once you’ve been approved, the task is much more straightforward than you might think.


Have you considered becoming a beauty vlogger? Leave me a comment below and share your journey!

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