Make Sure You’re Always On The Customer’s Mind

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Pexels – CCO License Want your business to be the one they think about when they need something new? Here’s what to do to ensure you are always on their minds (the customers, that is). Branding that Sticks Like a Post it Note Your branding, first and foremost, needs to be as memorable as a bright, sticky Post it note on a fridge full ofRead Now

Practical Areas of Your Home to Repair Right Away

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You are the first person to admit that the practical elements in your home are often forgotten about, simply because they don’t always serve an aesthetic purpose. You’re all about staying on top of the latest design trends, exploring new color palettes and finding new wall art for your home, but what about the important things that actually keep your household running smoothly? Staying onRead Now

Top Methods for Creatives to Gain Focus and Get More Done

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Image from Pexels – CC0 License As a creative person, you might have a lot of ideas for things you want to do. Whether you’re a writer, artist, musician, or something else, sometimes you can be overflowing with creative ideas. However, having ideas and actually being productive are two different things. It can be really challenging to actually focus and get something done, especially whenRead Now

Building An Image Behind The Brand Name: Innovative Tips For Defining Your Business Identity

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Picture this: your brand cutting through the noise of other competitors, leaving a trail of head-turning, jaw-dropping awe in its wake. Yes, building an image behind your brand name is the marketing equivalent of climbing Mount Everest—daunting, yes, but oh-so worth the view from the top. Ready to dive into some head-turner tips for making your business not just seen but remembered? Let’s go! ViaRead Now

How to Finance Your New Business

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Image Credit. One of the most difficult parts of starting a new business is to acquire the money needed to get things off the ground. You might have a great idea and you might even be able to set aside the time to get things going, but if you don’t have the money, your business might fail before it succeeds. You also need to considerRead Now