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Every girl looks forward to getting dressed up for a wedding: Particularly if it’s her own!  However, with busy lifestyles we often leave things to the last minute, and unfortunately, looking your best for your big day can’t all come together at the last minute. I’m sharing a number of pointers to help you get prepared for your big day, as preparation really is key.  After all, you wouldn’t wait moments before the wedding to look at websites for wedding ring inspiration, nor would you wait till the last minute to choose your gown or wedding day makeup and hair! If you’re wanting to look good and feel relaxed on your big day, consider the following tips! 

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A few weeks before the event, start exfoliating your skin weekly and make sure you have a good facial routine with a decent moisturizer to re-hydrate your skin.  Clean, moisturized skin sets the stage for beautiful wedding day makeup. You can also treat your skin to a good natural facial mask a few days before the event. This is the preparation stage, however many girls find themselves panicking at the last minute trying to work out how to cover up breakouts without concealer, as often times, concealer clumps up around spots and can make things look worse. If you really want your skin to look its best, make sure you keep yourself hydrated and don’t underestimate the power your diet has on creating beautiful skin.

If you are planning to tan, determine a few weeks in advance if you want to use a tanning salon, spray tan, or at home self-tanner. Start tanning 2-3 weeks in advance to ensure a smooth, even color. If you are planning to tan at home, allow 4-5 weeks to practice and refine your technique, as sunless tanner can be splotchy if the application methods are faulty.

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Preparation is essential when planning your wedding day makeup.  A few months before your big day, start looking through Pinterest for wedding day makeup ideas, or take inspiration from celebrities.  If you are planning to use the services of a professional makeup artist, search around and book early so that you and the artist will have time to conceptualize your look and get on the same page.  If you are planning to do your wedding day makeup on your own, start practicing early. Make sure that you have all the essential products you will need, that you know how to apply them correctly, and that you accounted for the lighting in your venue.

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Try to make any appointments you need to make in plenty of time, in case the salon is unexpectedly busy on the day of your wedding.  If you are wanting to book a wax to remove unwanted hair try to leave enough time for the redness to fade before the event. Alternatively, you can do this yourself using a hair removal cream or an epilator – but when using the epilator make sure you leave a day or two to allow the redness to fade.

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If you are getting your nails done professionally then make sure you’re not doing this in a rush, as this way, you are less likely to chip a nail.  Alternatively, make sure you have got that perfect shade from the shops and tested it out to make sure it compliments your outfit. There’s nothing worse than spending all that time on the day, painting your nails, to find it doesn’t compliment that beautiful outfit you are wearing.


Decide in advance how you are having your hair.  If you are going to do your hair yourself or get a friend or relative to do it then make sure you practice it in advance.  Most updos require you to not have completely clean hair so make sure you wash your hair the day before so that it isn’t too smooth and silky.  If you are having your hair loose, however, and have time to wash and dry it on the day, try to do this as late on as possible, in order for your hair to keep it’s radiant bounce and glow.

A great idea to nourish your hair a few days prior to the event is to cover your hair in coconut oil, wrap it in a plastic bag and keep the oil in overnight – then wash it out the next morning with natural shampoo.  Ideally, you would do this at the weekend though, as often times, the next day it might still appear a little oily – so make sure you don’t leave this one to the last minute, or you’ll end up with greasy looking hair at your big event.


Finally, the most important thing before your big day is to relax and get a good night’s sleep.  You might want to visit Lush and get a nice bath bomb to put in the bath, light a few candles, place some relaxing music, pop a little cucumber on your eyes and get an early night.  This way, you’ll not only look refreshed but feel refreshed too.


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