Wedges: The BEST Shoe For The 30+ Club

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I can’t think of another shoe silhouette more divisive than the wedge: Either you love ’em or you hate ’em (or like my husband, you just plain don’t understand ’em!)  I am a huge fan of wedges, however, my love affair with them did not begin until around 3 years ago. Let me tell you all the details…   Sometime, shortly after Bella was born,Read Now

Tuck In Your Shirt Curvy Girl! It’s Ok!

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Hey socialites! If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know all about my lower belly fat that I lovingly refer to as “fluff”, or grudgingly refer to as a “FUPA.” (It all depends on how I’m feeling.)  Because of this lower belly pudge, I always believed I could never tuck in my tops or show my belt, like those willowyRead Now

Accessories: The Spring/Summer 2019 Report

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What’s the one way to take your outfit from meh to wow? Accessories! Carefully chosen accessories can instantly transform a plain ensemble into a show-stopping outfit. A chic  clutch bag can take a basic black dress and turn it into catwalk-worthy attire. A silk scarf can add a sophisticated edge to a plain t-shirt and a pair of peg leg trousers. And, a pair of oversizedRead Now

Soften Your Wardrobe With These Ballerina Inspired Pieces

ballerina inspired

Hey Socialites! Random fact about me: I grew up doing ballet, and continued to dance well into adulthood, thanks to classes in college, and sweaty, challenging barre workouts! While the days of tutus and tights are now long over for me, I continue to watch Svetlana Zakharova YouTube videos on a weekly basis, or dust off my New York City Ballet workout DVD when theRead Now

My Most Functional Handbag!

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Hey Socialites!  I have always been a sucker for a great bag (shoes and bags always fit, no matter what size you are!), and there are certain handbag silhouettes that are not only fashion forward, but also functional!  Most women I know have so many essentials that they cart around daily: Cell phones, tablets, cash, cards, etc., and they need a bag that will allowRead Now

The Perfect Valentine’s Gift With MVMT

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Hi Socialites! My mom always taught me that the perfect gifts are usually priceless, sentimental, or something that you can keep forever. Valentine’s Day is usually the time for grand gestures and dazzling gifts from/for your significant other, so jewelry often comes to mind as a really nice gift. However, it can be really difficult to shop for jewelry because everyone has different taste preferences:Read Now

The Best Dressed TV Characters of All Time

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best dressed TV characters of all time

Hey Socialites! I’m doing something a little different today, and paying homage to some of my greatest fashion inspirations: Women who entered my home on a weekly basis courtesy of the television! I grew up wanting to emulate many of the stylish and sophisticated mavens I watched during the late 80’s-early 90’s, and through the years, I refined my style and picked up fashion cuesRead Now

My Everyday Look For Winter

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Hey Socialites! This winter has certainly been one for the books already: we got about 12 inches of snow at the start of December (technically, it was still Fall) and between then and now, the temperatures have fluctuated wildly between the low 30’s, and the mid 60’s. Now, before ya’ll start wondering why I’m giving out weather forecasts, I promise it has to do withRead Now

3 Smart & Simple Style Solutions

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Image Source If you are keen to look your best, one of the things you will need to focus on is your sense of style. Everyone has a sense of style, whether they are aware of theirs or not, and it is just about making sure that you make use of it in some way. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to makeRead Now

Winter Essentials Under $100

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winter essentials

    This Fall has been a lot chillier than I expected! There have been snowstorms (although not in NC where I live), freezing rain (we did get that), and icy mornings…and most of this before the leaves were fully off the trees! I’ve been stocking up on winter sweaters, sweater dresses,  cozy hats and scarves, and I was able to snag a new pufferRead Now