Top Tips For Storing Your Out Of Season Clothes

We invest a lot in our wardrobes and looking good, but how often do we think about how to keep those items in great condition? Whether you’ve chosen to treat yourself to some designer items, or you like to resell clothes when you no longer want them, it makes sense to ensure that your clothing storage is up scratch. Instead of just shoving clothing into a drawer or finding pieces at the bottom of your wardrobe, take the time to store them correctly and you’ll keep them looking good for future occasions.

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Store Everything Clean

It may sound obvious, but so many of us will shove worn clothes back in with clean ones unless they are obviously soiled. Those items may not look stained, but they will have dirt and sweat on them that can oxidize and cause those yellow-ish marks over time. If you know that you’re going to be storing out of season clothes in a loft, basement or storage facility for a while, take the time to wash and press them or have them dry-cleaned before putting them into storage. You can also use tumble-dryer sheets to pack in with them and keep everything looking fresh. 

Check The Conditions

Where you store your clothes is also very important. You want dry conditions, as any dampness may cause damage to the fabric, as well as any extremes of temperature. If you have a room designated for clothing storage, get your hvac system serviced and if necessary purchase some damp traps to keep the atmosphere at the optimum for taking care of your garments. If your items are going to be hanging, it’s also a good idea to get some slimline velvet hangers. These take up less space than others, and they also grip into silky or flimsy items and stop them ending up on the floor. If garments will be hanging up for a long time, then consider getting garment covers for them to keep dirt and grime away. These should be fabric and not the plastic covers that you get from the dry cleaners, as these can cause mildew over time.

Get Your Boxes Sorted

Choosing boxes or storage containers for folded clothes is also an important consideration. Cardboard boxes are never a good idea! Not only do they attract pests that will eat the cardboard leaving holes in the box, but they are also slightly acidic. This can discolor clothes over time. Cardboard is also not waterproof in case of any leaks or dampness. Invest in some lidded plastic storage boxes that are airtight for best results. They come in a big variety of shapes and sizes and can be sealed and stacked neatly. Label each box with the contents inside so you don’t have to dig through them all when you need to find something – you could even print some photos of the items inside to help you visually identify the contents. With a little preparation, your clothing storage can be aesthetically beautiful, while still keeping your clothing in good condition.

What are your top tips for clothing storage? Share them in the comments!



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