Bella Loves Her Step2 Great Gourmet Kitchen!

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Hi Socialites! My baby girl is 3 years old!!! Where has the time gone? *sobbing and wailing* Ok, now that that’s over, I wanted to share with y’all the birthday gift that put my talkative toddler into such a state of shock that she literally had no words: The Step2 Great Gourmet Kitchen!   A Little Back Story Sometime when Bella was still 1, theRead Now

5 Ways To Keep Kids Healthy Over the Holidays

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Hey Socialites! I hope y’all enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holiday! It was so nice being able to spend time with my family along with eating, laughing, and playing games! The only downside of our holiday is that Bella caught a really bad chest cold. ? While we were waiting at the Urgent Care, I began wondering why I hadn’t been diligently using my tried and trueRead Now

Bella Loves BayBay Boutique!


We were thrilled when BayBay Boutique reached out to us on Instagram to be a brand rep! We were following their feed and just loved the cute and frilly pieces that were a little different from some of the overly trendy children’s clothing we’d seen. Bella loves tutu’s and all things girly, so when we logged onto the site to shop, she was peeking overRead Now

The Cutest Clothing for Girls at


Shopping for clothes for Bella is one of my fave things to do! She’s tall and lean, so we can always find her size, and there are soooo many adorable boutiques out there beyond the big corporate brands. When reached out to Bella to be a brand rep, I was super excited about the cute and trendy outfits I saw on their site! LikeRead Now

Meet Bella

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Hi Socialites! Well, I did it. Bella is officially a part of my blogging world. I was always leery about kids being in the industry. My take on it was that pushy parents made their children get into films, print media, or pageants as a way to live vicariously through their children, or to make money. I always pictured the kids as being resentful forRead Now