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Perhaps you didn’t make the big shift to working at home in the last few years, but it is something that you will be doing in the future—looking around the house and trying to choose the perfect location for an office. 

While it’s found to work at the kitchen table for a while, there are many benefits to working in office space within the home. But how do you choose where it should be, and how do you prepare it?

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We tend to think of an office as a desk and a chair. But it really depends on the type of work you’re doing if that is what you need. Creating content will likely need props, inspiration, color, and more than one work surface. 

Once you know the room’s purpose, the rest becomes much easier to decide.


Once you have decided on the location that suits your needs best, the most important thing to do is make sure that the space is ready for you. You might feel like just taking furniture out and adding new in is the most convenient – and that is partially true. But consider this a new start. 

A deep cleaning, including walls, corners, shelving, windows, and more, is important. Since you’ll be in there a lot, it’s important to learn more about how a clean carpet is better for your health too!

Trial run

Before you commit to placing things, have a few trial runs. Once the space is clean, have a day working in there and pay attention to how you move around the room. What do you reach for the most? What do you use the least? How often did you adjust the chair or desk because of the light? 

Do this for a few days, and then start to commit things to a place. Doing this will mean you are working with your workflow and will get the best out of the room.


Since almost everyone works with technology like laptops and computers in some capacity, there are going to be wires hanging around. Use cable ties and wire clips to pack them away so that they don’t pose a trip risk – but also they don’t ruin the look of the office. 


If you aren’t putting your workspace in a room but rather in a nook in the house, you’ll need to consider something like a fan to make sure the area doesn’t feel stuffy. You might quickly get uncomfortable when you get busy working without a through breeze or an open window.


Investing in ergonomic furniture is investing in your own health. If you sit hunched over for a while at your desk, and your desk isn’t at a good height for you, you will quickly start getting aches and pains. This will make it a terrible place to work. Invest in furniture that is adjustable so you can get the height you need.

If you are still toying with ideas for the type of business you want, here are some tips for launching in the current climate: Launching Your Home-based Business: 4 Must-haves for Any BossBabe – The Suburban Socialite 


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  1. A home office is great, especially now, when many people work remotely. But you can be content with coworking spaces if you don’t have a home office. It is where you can fully concentrate on your work tasks and not be distracted by household chores. A Global Coworking Study by Deskmag ( found that 89.1% of participants were more productive and better able to concentrate (71.9%) in a coworking space than they were when working from home.

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