Delicious (Ladurée Inspired) French Macarons!

So anyone who knows me (and I mean, really knows me! ?) knows that I am super addicted to cookies. Like, there is no cookie I would turn down (expect anything with raisins, which I sometimes mistake for chocolate chips ?). I often joke that being plus sized is likely a matter of choice for me, because if I gave up cookies, I’d probably be 120 pounds within 3 weeks! ??‍♀️

All jokes aside, one of my favorite cookies, outside of chocolate chip, is the French Macaron! God, I feel so elegant when I’m scarfing these…they’re so beautiful and colorful that I’m convinced they are negative calorie.

French Macaron

The French Macaron is dainty, delicately sweet, and has a delightful moist interior with a bit of bite on the outer “shell.” I can’t really explain the texture and flavor, so if you haven’t tried a macaron yet, make it happen, ASAP! These delectable little treats were once hard to come by in the US, except by mail order, but now even mom and pop bakeries have jumped on the bandwagon and are offering French Macarons in their bakery cases.

Once considered to be fussy, and difficult to make, due to the temperamental nature of meringue, French Macarons are now being prepared all over, and in novice kitchens! I’ve included a super easy recipe below that anyone can make. Don’t worry if they don’t turn out perfect, or if the cookie is missing the tell tale foot…just eat the darn things!!! Enjoy!

French Macaron

Socialite Tip: If you’re ever in Paris (or Soho, NY) you must check out Ladurée, and purchase a box of the colorful confection: the French Macaron!

See you next time!

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