Friday Faves: Fall Scents

I recently took a little trip to Bath & Body Works to check out some Fall fragrances. I am a huge fan of scented lotion and body sprays, as they provide a change from my go-to perfumes (Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb, and Far Away by Avon-don’t laugh…I’m an old soul! ?)

Bath & Body Works always has a great selection of scents that range from floral, to fruity, to woodsy, and musky. I adore their Aromatherapy line: the Vanilla Lavender Sleep Lotion is a little gift from Heaven! But let’s talk about the Fall scent selection, shall we?

Bath & Body Works Fall Scents Review

The moment I walked into the store, I was able to see the large selection of honey, pumpkin, and vanilla scents, which were displayed in large groupings, with bright signage for easy access! Some of the Fall scents that I tested were:

1. Bright Autumn Blooms-a pleasing and crisp floral fragrance that is a blend of marigold, bergamot, and cedar leaf.

2. Champagne Apple & Honey-A pleasant blend of Pink Lady Apple, sparking champagne, and Jasmine Honey. Crisp and refreshing!

3. Spiced Pumpkin Cider– You’ll love this blend of  pumpkin, cinnamon, and apple cider! So good you’ll want to taste it!

4. Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte– A blend of marshmallow, Pumpkin, honey, and sandalwood. Sooo sweet!

Bath & Body Works Fall Scent Review
Bath & Body Works Fall Scents Review
Bath & Body Works Fall Scents Review
I was immediately drawn to the Pumpkin & Marshmallow Latte scent! Packed with shea and cocoa butters, and pure honey, I had to purchase this set, as I knew it would be richly moisturizing. But y’all: this product smells soooo good, and soooo sweet (but not sickeningly so). My husband can only describe the Pumpkin & Marshmellow Latte scent as “edible” and he seriously doesn’t even want me to leave for work when he smells it! TMI, I know…but this is why you need to get it!!!

Bath & Body Works Fall Scents Review
I purchased the set, which is a Creamy Body Wash, Body Cream Lotion, and Body Spray. The Creamy Body Wash is very moisturizing, and lathers supremely well! I usually prefer gel washes over the creamier washes, because I usually don’t think the creamy ones leather well with a washcloth, but this product is definitely an exception! The Body Cream is rich, but non greasy, and it absorbs quickly, leaving behind a sweet but subtle scent! The Body Spray is great as well, and sprays evenly; even upside down! Socialite Rating: 10/10

It’s worth it to note that, as of the time of this post, Bath & Body Works is running a Buy 3, Get 3 Free special! I took advantage and also purchased a 3 piece set of another scent, which I’ll review as a bonus at the end of this post!

Bath & Body Works Shopper

Bath & Body Works Fall Scents Review

Bath & Body Works Fall Scents Review

Outfit Details: What I’m Wearing:

Cold- Shoulder Top: NY&Co / Soho Jean Legging: NY&Co / Strappy Platform Sandals: Forever 21 (sold out in Nude, but I’ve linked some similar pairs in the Widget below! Click through and shop to get the look! ?

Bonus Sticker
I also purchased the A Thousand Wishes scent. While not necessarily a Fall scent, A Thousand Wishes has a sweet, sexy, and captivating scent, with notes of Peonies and champagne, that is perfect for date night! I am really glad I took advantage of the Buy 3 Get 3 Free sale, as I was able to add another great scent to my collection! Go test this one out at the store: You’ll love it!  Socialite Rating: 8.4/10 ??

Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes Review

See ya next time!

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  1. Holy moly I haven’t been in that store in ages, now I got to go to sniff all these scents!

  2. There was a point in my life when all of my lotions and scents were from Bath and Body Works. Haven’t been to the store in a bit but I do know that if I do, it’s gonna be a spree.

  3. Such a good post! I haven’t been to B & B in so long but will definitely have to give it a look for the Fall!

  4. Looks like I need to step back into a Bath and Body Works soon. I always get the Lavendar Vanilla “Sleep” stuff. I guess I need to branch out!

  5. Ha!!! My mom sold Avon while I was growing up and still does! I typically stick to Eucalyptus Mint… will have to check these other scents.

  6. I love fall scents, mostly in cancels though. You do know what you are doing though with getting all three items in the same scent, the layering of the scent helps it last longer. Side note, why does it seem likes men’s cologne last for days but my perfume barely makes it 30 minutes!?

  7. Lovely post and all those products look delicious 🙂


  8. I love fall and BBW…so now I have to go there and stock up.

  9. I feel like Bath and Body works is a must stop shop for Fall time! I need latte scented everything. PS: I love your sandals!

  10. Yes yes! This post is going to make me take a trip there and I don’t ever need to!! Grey post thanks for sharing!

  11. Bath and Body Works is my favorite place for everyday and going to bed fragrances. My husband loves that I smell like dessert using Warm Vanilla Sugar and Wild Madagascar Vanilla!

  12. TheSuburbanSocialite

    I hadn’t either! But I got some gift cards for my birthday, and wanted to put them to use! I’m glad I went back…the fragrances are amazing.

  13. omg YES it’s that time!! Bath & Body Works is my absolute FAVOURITE when it comes to pumpkin scents. My FAVE was creamy pumpkin but I think they discontinued so imma need this pumpkin marshmellow ASAP! YUM. xx Shannon ||

  14. Yes for pumpkin aromas! Fall is officially here!


  15. Love me some Bath & Body Works! I just wish I lived closer to a store. :'(

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