Friday Faves: Wishlist Edition

It’s Friday (yay!!!) and payday for me (double yay!!!), so I have been perusing some of my favorite online stores, looking for great deals! I know that every fashion & lifestyle blogger out there is raving about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale right now (and rightfully so…the sale has been epic!!!), but only one of my wishlist items is from Nordstrom this week! So without further adieu…

Current Wishlist

Clockwise from L to R (Click links to purchase!)

1. Fit-ish shirt from Ivy and Leo…because my treadmill is upstairs, but pizza is downstairs #storyofmylife #conundrums

2. BP twist front tee from Nordstrom! Sooo affordable ($22.00!!!) and such a great color to transition into Fall!

3. These adorable palm leaf earrings from Etsy!!! So on trend, and such a pretty color!

4. Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis in Noir. I have the Metis in Classic Mongram, but this black version will transition right into Fall/Winter, and can pull double duty as an Evening Bag, thanks to the forever chic combination of black with gold hardware. Need this NOW!!!

5. Lately the hubby and I have really been into overhauling the interior of our home, and landscaping (with guidance from my eternally elegant mother!) I’m really wanting this book to peek at some well done interiors and get some ideas!

6. Lactic Acid Treatment-pretty self explanatory, but as already mentioned here, I am all about the glow, and this treatment is said to bring it!

7. This gorgeous, pop of color pair of Topshop heels! Yummy!

Well there you have it: my wishlist faves! Hopefully I’ll be owning some of these sooner rather than later! Drop me a line below with your faves!!!

See ya next time!


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