Gift Guide: Gifts for the Beauty Obsessed

Hey y’all! Welcome to Round 3 of my holiday gift guide series. Are y’all enjoying my picks so far? Let me know below! ?? Anyhoo, I’ve shared before how I have really gotten into makeup and beauty since my blogging journey began, and I’m realizing that many of y’all are as well! This list of gifts for the beauty obsessed is full of products I have used, wanted, or currently need. Because I am far from being a makeup/beauty guru, most of these gift ideas are popular, but super easy to use, and perfect the beauty newbie! Read on for my list of gifts for the beauty obsessed.

gifts for the beauty obsessed

1. This Rose Quartz Facial Roller helps to depuff and destress your skin. The roller helps it to glide easily over the planes of your face and reach every nook and cranny.  Socialite tip: Chill in the fridge for a seriously soothing and tightening effect!

2. The T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand Set is pricey (don’t kill me!!!) but it is soooo worth it. I’ve become a huge fan of curling wands and I prefer them now over the typical clamp curling irons. The Tourmaline technology curls hair so quickly and efficiently, and your curls (and shine) will last for days. Plus, you get 3 barrel sizes which means no more needing to plug up 3 different curling irons at a time. This is a must!

3. I fell in love with Peter Thomas Roth Skincare when I tried the Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream (amazing!!!) This Mask Frenzy kit is one of the perfect gifts for the beauty obsessed girl who is serious about skincare. The included Pumpkin Enzyme Mask and the 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Mask are soooo good!

4. Charlotte Tilbury is hands down one of my fave makeup brands, and this Instant Look Eyeshadow and Face Palette is perfect for the beauty newbie who may be intimidated by having tons of products, but also wants a full coverage look. The products go on so smoothly and blend so easily, that it’s almost impossible to make a mistake. Def recommend this one!

5. The HiMirror Skin Analyzing Beauty Mirror is tops on my wish list y’all!!! Ordinarily, I would not recommend a product I have not yet tried, but come on! A smart mirror that analyzes your skin, assesses your problem areas, AND let’s you know the progress of any new skincare rituals? Worth it my friends.

6. Ok, so any beauty obsessed girl knows about Pat McGrath. She’s been a makeup artist to the stars since I was old enough to sneak and read Cosmo, but still young enough to get in trouble for it. Naturally, I was super excited to try her cosmetic line, and her lipsticks are incredible. Red lips can be tricky, but I love that this Mini MatteTrance Lipstick Trio comes with 3 red shades, each with distinctly different undertones, so that you can find your perfect shade! ?

7. Everyone wants good ole’ well moisturized skin. Kiehl’s has developed a longstanding reputation for providing just that. This Mighty Moisture Set is honestly a perfect gift for the beauty obsessed, but also for the entire family. Even men love Kiehl’s. ?

8. Ok, so I used to use this faithfully, and I fell off because, well, laziness. And the results are obvious. I’ve shared before how much I’m all about my skin having glow, and since I stopped using the Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment, my skin has been as dull as the proverbial dishwater. I’m recommending this to y’all AND myself.

9. I’ll just come right out and say it. Every woman over 25 needs a silk pillowcase. Heck, I even recommend them for kids. There is no need of using the hair and beauty products I recommend if they’re only going to be absorbed by a drying cotton pillowcase. This Slip for Beauty Sleep Silk Pillowcase will allow your hair and skin to glide over it, without snagging or sucking all the moisture out of either. This is a MUST have!!!


I wanted to recommend a product that I’ve been using for the past 2 months: Hand MD Skincare’s Daily Dual Repair Serum. This product is sooo good yall! I know that most aging skin products are designed for the face, eyes, and neck, but very little attention is focused on dealing with the hands. My hands were starting to show signs of age: thickened and darkened skin on my knuckles, dry cuticles, crepe-y texture. The Daily Dual Repair serum is the first product of its’ kind!.  The serum is comprised of Retinol and powerful Peptides, while the antioxidant-rich moisturizer deeply hydrates and protects the upper layer of the skin against damage.  A lot of the other products, like the daily Rehydration Cream, are also very rich and moisturizing. They are currently running a Holiday Sale, where many items are 20% off, so be sure to check them out!

gifts for the beauty obsessed


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