How to Freshen Up Your Home

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Sometimes the best way to feel rejuvenated and fresh is to change up the space around you. Whether you have lived in your home for a while, or have just moved in, these tips will help you to make the space your own and give you a new outlook on decorating. Check out the tips below for how to freshen up your home!

Cosmetic Upgrades

These upgrades always feel the most rewarding. This could be anything from remodeling your kitchen to getting new windows. Finding the right kitchen cabinets for your space can seem challenging, but just remember to consider your home’s color scheme and what type of durability you are looking for in your kitchen. Another easy fix to freshen up your space is your flooring! Decide to finally put in that hardwood you’ve had your eye on, or consider installing some new carpet. These simple changes can make a big difference on the overall look and feel of your home. Another concept to consider – installing new doors! But you may wonder, “where can I find quality door installations or French doors near me?” that match your aesthetic. Take that extra time to research and compare your favorite styles to ensure you are putting your favorite accents and upgrades into your home. The finished product will be well worth all the hard work and research that went into finding cosmetic upgrades that compliment your house.

New Furniture

Another easy way to make your space feel fresh is to integrate new furniture pieces into it. A new couch or coffee table could really bring the whole space together! Also, a beautiful and intricate rug could really tie in all of your current pieces into your space and make it feel extra cozy. Plan a day or two out of your schedule to just go out on town and check out different furniture shops. These could include regular furniture stores, garage sales, estate sales, or antique stores depending on your taste, your budget, and what you are looking for. Make sure that you focus on what you like along with what would fit and function best in your home – it is your place to live in and enjoy after all! 

A Good Clean 

This tip may not seem as fun as the others, but it will definitely make you feel better when it’s completed! Cleaning and taking care of your space are vital roles when it comes to living happily in a fresh home. If you struggle to get yourself to clean, try putting on a 10-minute timer and just cleaning the area around you the best that you can. Put on some music and make it fun! Who knows, maybe at the end of the timer you’re ready for another 10 or 20 minutes! Taking that time to clean and keep up your house will really help it to shine. Also, depending on the season, you can prepare your house for weather, like considering 4 things every house needs in the winter. Try cleaning your kitchen first, then working your way to the rest of the house. Another helpful tip for keeping your space clean continually is to assign different projects or rooms to different days. For example, on Mondays clean the kitchen and vacuum the house, on Tuesdays do the laundry and clean the living room, etc. While this might not seem fun, the end result is a beautiful, clean house! Also, putting the tasks into a schedule like this makes them a little bit easier to follow through on. 

Personal Decor

Okay, back to the fun stuff! Adding personal decor you love and resonate with will make any room in your house that much more homey. Find some frames you love and hang some of your favorite pictures around the house. Plan a fun day with a loved one in which you go antiquing and find a couple of special knick knacks. If you love books, you could stop by your local bookstore and pick out a couple to keep on your nightstand or coffee table. Another fun idea is to pick out some of your favorite tv shows, movies, or music and find fun posters or decor to have around your space. Implementing your favorite things in your space helps to make it feel like yours and like you belong there. Take some time to really incorporate things you love and enjoy so your space truly reflects you. Finish off decorating by adding some of your favorite fresh flowers or a fun house plant! Flowers you can easily change periodically, and they bring some fun life and color to your home!


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