How to Open Up a Small Space

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Small spaces don’t have to feel cramped and claustrophobic. If you live in a smaller home, there are lots of home decor and DIY tricks you can use to make the place feel more open than it might actually be. Below you will find a handful of tips to transform your small space into something seemingly far more spacious…

Paint the floor and walls one color

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to open up your small space, you can’t beat this little trick; simply paint your walls and your floor in the exact same shade. This will cause the two to seemingly blend together, giving the illusion of space. Ideally, you should stick to light neutral colors, such as shades of white and cream, which are light open, and reflective of the sunlight, for even better results.

Make the most of natural light

The more natural light in your space, the bigger and more open your home will feel. So, whether you are able to hire a replacement window company to install much bigger windows in your home, or you can simply take down window treatments that block out the light, do whatever you can to let in as much natural light as possible. You’ll be amazed at how much difference it makes.

Hang mirrors

On the subject of natural light, if you hang lots of mirrors on the walls of your home, they will reflect the natural light around the room, increasing its effectiveness and making the space feel even more spacious and open.

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Opt for a spiral staircase

If you can afford to get rid of your cumbersome wooden staircase and install a spiral staircase in its place, it is definitely worth doing because it will free up a surprising amount of floor space and give your home a more open feel.

Knock down walls

Knocking down walls isn’t always possible, but when it is, it’s a great way to make the place feel more open and less dark, so it’s definitely something worth considering.


It’s pretty obvious that the less stuff you have in any given space, the more open and spacious it will seem. So, when you have a weekend free, get serious about sorting out your stuff, getting rid of anything you don’t really want or need so that your home feels a lot less cluttered. If you don’t fancy that, there are actually professionals who will come in and do your decluttering for you!

Glass and mirrored furniture

Mirrored furniture acts in much the same way as mirrors on the walls, reflecting the natural light around the room, opening it up as a result. When it comes to glass furniture, you can make the place seem lighter and less cluttered by using it because it lets the light through instead of blocking it off like bulkier dark wooden furniture does.


Living in a small space isn’t always easy, but id you implement some of the tips and tricks above, you can make your small space feel so much more comfortable in no time at all.


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    1. I like the idea of letting in as much natural light as possible. NAtural light improves our mood and makes our more productive 🙂

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