How To Throw A Housewarming

Once you have finally finished unpacking all of those boxes in your new Rockford Homes house, you can finally start planning one of the most excellent ways to show off your new home: A housewarming! 

A Housewarming party might seem a little bit old-fashioned, or maybe too traditional for you. But it can be the best way to see everyone you love and have a single ‘here is my new home’ moment. Moving can be stressful, and after a few days of unpacking and cleaning, your home is in the perfect condition to be shown off – so here are a few tips about how to do it well.

Invites early

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to send them nicely and early if you are handing out invites. Keep in mind that if your friends and family have children, it is probably better to have an afternoon gathering. 

Send your invites out about 3-4 weeks in advance. Remember that since they haven’t been to this house before, they might need extra time to find it, especially a new housing estate.


The menu will depend on the style of gathering you are having. If you are having a party, you are probably better off with light bites and easy-to-grab little treats. For a more formal gathering, you might consider setting the places at your dining table and cooking a big tasty meal. Then again, you might try out the local restaurant take-out offerings. 

Be sure you have drink options for those driving, those who aren’t, and those who might be staying as your guest for the evening. Remember that children can be messy, so avoid tomato-based foods and stick to flavored waters instead of juice boxes or chocolate milk.


As people arrive, they might be excited to take a look around the entire home! After all, it is a housewarming. If you have children, this could be their job – to show people around the house! Don’t be afraid to keep some rooms like your bedroom off-limits.

You might let people go and talk a walk around your house without you. If you choose this one, keep the doors open and label the bathroom doors.


Most of the time, people will bring plants, wine, or something small for you and your new home. However, most people moving into a house have everything they need already. It can be worthwhile to have a few vases ready just in case. 

If people ask what you might need, consider something outside the norm. Ask for gift cards for take-out, movie rental cards, or something similar. 


Maybe you are into DnD or other games, in which case you will most likely have a game of that ready. However, if you don’t usually play games, it can be fun to have a few packs of cards or check out housewarming-specific games. 

Remember that a housewarming is a celebration of your new home, and you should only invite people you respect and trust.

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