Interior Comebacks: Could We Be Witnessing A Cream Return?

When we think of classic interior design, we picture a home that has a mixture of white and cream. Either it’s the sofa, the wallpaper or the paint of the whole house, but something tells us that the majority of the home has to be in a brighter tone. White was the dominant shade in the previous century and the interior design world has decided to move away from it, viscerally. However, cream has always been a more friendly shade. It goes well with most of the color spectrum and doesn’t overtly clash with any other shades. White and black are polar opposites, but cream and black go well together. So could 2020 be the year cream finally makes a comeback? These reasons point to the answer being, yes.

A smoother regal couple

If you’re wondering what color will be the most dominant for this year, it’s blue. There’s no question about it, 2020 has started off naming blue as white’s successor. However, you can mix cream with blue much easier than white. For example, these lovely pillows showcase a navy and ivory tone coming together to create a fabulous rhombus pattern design. Four cream colored tassels at each corner give the pillow a marvelous classic chic look. Cream and beige go well together too, so pick out the beige and rust pillow for your sofa if you want something a bit less in-your-face. If you’re like a surprising pillow, try the rectangle blue and ivory pillow with blue tassels at each corner. These types of pillows would go well with most sofas, but they would look especially cool on a fabric sofa, probably not in black or white.

A delicate dining approach

The classic home has taken its inspiration from the classical home design, found in Greece. This is one thing not to get confused, i.e. a classic home is not the same as a classical home. A couple of thousand years separate the two! However, just like the older sister style, the classic home loves cream dining chairs. The tone is often taken from the stones found at the Greek coast, and as such, a classic dining room must have cream-colored chairs and table covers. Couple the cream cushions with orange varnished wood and you will be creating a delicate dining experience for your guests. Your dining room will be styled much like the al-fresco restaurants found in Italian and Greek holiday villas. 

A natural vibe

Clay vases have always been great style items to introduce any new shade to your home. Vases can be style statements, but more often than not, they play a more background role. Consequently, you can experiment by adding cream flowers and or plant vases around your home. Place them on side tables in the foyer and landing. You can also place cream vases on window sills and they will gently reflect natural light all around the room. 

Cream has always been a much-loved shade. How have you incorporated cream into your interior color scheme?


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